Frequently asked questions regarding Girls Leadership workshops and summer programs.

If you have a specific question that you would like to discuss, please reach out to your local Outreach Manager. You can find their contact information on our Regional Program Pages: California  Colorado  New Jersey  New York

Parent & Daughter Workshop FAQs

How do I describe this program to my daughter?

We would describe the weekly workshop this way – “This is a fun program that I want to do with you. We get to hang out together, have fun and learn new skills to help us improve our relationships – with each other, and our friends.”

I can only come to some of the sessions. Should I still sign up?

The workshop series is cumulative. Each class builds on the last, and the last class brings it all together. If you know ahead of time that you can’t make all of the sessions, it would be best to sign up for a different workshop.

What if I need to leave early from a workshop session?

We do not recommend leaving the workshop early, as the workshop is designed to be experienced from start to finish. We begin each workshop session by building community, then accumulate new skills throughout the course of the workshop session. We close each workshop session summarizing the information learned.

If I miss a workshop session, can I make it up at another location?

We are not able to accommodate for make-up sessions at other workshop locations. This is to ensure the safety and community of each individual workshop group. If you miss a workshop session, we suggest emailing your Educator, or speaking with your Educator a few minutes before or after the next workshop session to catch up on what you missed.

Can my spouse and I switch off who attends?

It is best if one adult attends all of the sessions. However, we understand if you need to switch off due to scheduling limitations. Keep in mind that all of the skills (and the games!) build on the previous session, so be sure to debrief as a family after each session.

Do you offer child care for workshops? Am I allowed to bring another child to the workshop if they are not participating?

GL is unable to provide child care at our workshop locations. Our curriculum has been created for parent-daughter pairs, and therefore we are not able to accommodate for the presence of additional individuals who are not participating in the workshop. If you have two daughters in the same age range that you wish to enroll in the workshop, please refer below.

Can I bring both my daughters? Can both parents attend the workshop?

Our program fees cover the cost of one grown-up and one girl to attend a 4-week workshop series together. When registering two girls for the same girl & grown-up workshop, you will receive a 50% discount off one full program fee. This discount is automatically applied during checkout. This discount is only eligible if ONE grown-up attends a girl & grown-up with two girls. If a second grown-up wants to register, this discount is not applicable. Additionally, this discount is not applicable for our summer day camps or overnight summer program.

I have three daughters or I have triplets. Can I bring all three?

Yes, you can definitely bring all three children, and you will be eligible to receive an additional participant discount of 50% for each additional girl after the first one registered. In situations like this, we recommend also having an additional parent or guardian attend to help out. If an additional adult will attend, this adult will need to be registered in addition to the other parent or guardian and girls attending. In scenarios like this, the group would only be eligible to receive one additional participant discount of 50% off the third girl’s registration, because each parent/guardian and girl pair counts as one registration.

I would love to bring food for the group. Can I?

At GL we always say, “food good.” We welcome snacks, but please do not bring any foods containing nut products.

Is there food provided?

Food is not provided at our weekly workshops.

What kind of girl should take this workshop?

Everyone can work on improved communication and healthier relationships. We recommend our program for all girls! If your daughter has special emotional or learning needs, please give our office a call so that we can do everything possible to meet your needs. We want to make sure that we can set every girl up to succeed.

My daughter took a workshop before. Should she take it again?

Yes! We strongly recommend that you and your daughter participate in these workshops annually. Each year the program goes a bit deeper and hits on more material. None of us learn how to communicate to handle conflict overnight; these skills require lots of practice. The group will be different, and your daughter will be developmentally ready to approach the material in a more abstract and mature mindset.

My daughter hasn’t been bullied. Should she still attend?

This isn’t a “bullying” workshop — it is a communication and healthy conflict workshop. Every girl and parent can take this workshop to improve their communication habits and learn the best way to deal with difficult emotions.

Are there scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, scholarship applications are available for all Girls Leadership programs. We hold one scholarship spot in each workshop. We also offer payment plans and strive to make our programs accessible to all girls, families and educators.

Who are GL Educators?

What are their qualifications? What kind of training do they receive?

Girls Leadership Educators are salaried education and academic professionals who have taught a range of ages and grades in the classroom and/or youth-based settings. Many GL Educators have an extensive performance and theater background that supports GL’s educational theater approach, which embraces the spirit of play through the arc and connection of games. This approach also sets the stage for effective role-playing of relationship situations. GL Educators engage in a rigorous interview process including a review of their teaching styles, work samples, reference checks. GL Educators receive intensive training in the GL core curriculum, theory, and approach in addition to practice teaching current GL curriculum. GL Educators are mentored, coached and regularly evaluated by the Director of Programs and the Senior Educator in each region. A short bio of each Girls Leadership Educator can be found here.