Grades K/1 Parent & Daughter Series:

  • “The K/1 Parent and Daughter Series was fantastic!”
  • “The skills were taught in a way that the girls could really relate to.”
  • “The GLI program gave my daughter a template for handling stressful relationship situations.”
  • “I loved learning something together that we could put into practice.”
  • “It was such an amazing experience for me and my daughter.  I found the curriculum to be developmentally appropriate, even spot-on, relevant to my daughter’s present social life. The tools we learned were taught and experienced in a way that allowed them to assimilate easily. Such a great resource and reference when things come up.”


Grades 2/3 Parent-Daughter Series:

  • “The best part was learning stuff about each other and learning to be a leader.”
  • “Everybody had fun.”
  • “GLI made me feel good.”
  • “This workshop is a great starter to open up a shared dialogue with your daughter and her friends.”
  • “Please do this, you and your child have taken classes to learn reading, writing and arithmetic – you both need this class to learn the 4th R- relationships. Successful relationships will take you further than all the others combined.”
  • “Even though my daughter was reluctant to participate in the first week, she made a number of comments to me, both during the class and afterwards, that showed that she was already taking the lessons to heart and thinking about how they applied to her. I think the workshop gave her the support and confidence to face some social situations that she had been avoiding.”
  • “My daughter attended the workshop for second and third graders this past winter. It really helped her when she had a situation at school and she managed to turn a bullying incident into a friendship. Thank you for giving her the tools she needed!”


Grades 4/5 Parent-Daughter Series:

  • “I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is really fun and a life changing experience.”
  • “Because of this workshop I will now be able to talk to my friends about a problem that I have with them.”
  • “I want to go back again!  I learned new things that I didn’t know before about girls.”
  • “I felt the experience helped my daughter learn that it is ok to express your feelings and stick up for yourself in a respectful way. It also helped with our communications with one another. They do a good job of helping girls to understand that everyone has feelings and often times it’s what’s happening around us or at home that makes it hard to always behave the way we would like.”
  • “This is an essential workshop for parents and daughters.”
  • “I now have the building blocks and a foundation of communication for both my daughter and I and her and her friends. Very valuable!”
  • “My daughter is much more aware that she can be in control of who her friends are, and that what she wants matters.”
  • “My daughter is proud of solving problems with her friends.”
  • “I loved the real life examples and concrete text to use in sticky situations.”
  • “My daughter discovered that other girls feel like her.”
  • “This improved our communication about friendships.”
  • “This series far exceeded my expectations – excellent fundamentals.”


Grades 6/7 & 7/8 Parent & Daughter Series:

  • “Wonderful workshop! Increases bonding and makes my daughter more assertive.”
  • “There was a lot of good information and tools provided to help my daughter deal with relationships.”
  • “We had a very positive learning experience and hope to use the tools in everyday life.”
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with daughter and just focus on her and what she is dealing with at this age.”
  • “It is so rare to hear opinions/feelings about scenarios relative to friendships so openly without fear of judgement.”


Grades 6/7/8 Parent & Daughter Immersion Weekend 

  • “I can’t find the words to adequately describe my gratitude to you for the Mother/Daughter Retreat. Your workshop is a gift to the mothers and daughters who attend. The skills we learned from you are invaluable and will be the key to defusing contentious moments in the future. The workshop was the perfect blend of important concepts and hands on work, mixed with humor and fun. Your feedback after our last dialogues were presented was so valuable. It was honest, precise and insightful. The exercise was the perfect way to crystallize all of the work we had done over the weekend.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is really fun and a life changing experience.”
  • “I liked meeting new friends, and the food. It was not what I expected, because I thought it would be boring.”
  • “Because of this workshop I will now be able to talk to my friends about a problem that I have with them.”
  • “Don’t change anything!”


Summer Day Camp

  • “I’m still so inspired by all I witnessed during those five days of activities. I am proud of the leadership skills I saw developing especially in this particular group of very shy students.”
  • “GLI was a wonderful experience that my daughter will remember forever. As soon as she is old enough to attend the GLI camp on the East coast, she will!!! I wish that I had been able to attend a camp like this when I was younger:-)”
  • “My daughter was dreading attending this camp. She was mad at me for signing her up. She wanted to spend summer goofing off and watching TV, like many of her friends. She ended up LOVING the camp and asking if she can go again in the next summer.”
  • “I loved camp and made friends I know I will keep in touch with for a long time!”
  • “I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom all about what I learned each day and she loves my scrapbook that we made!”


Raising Resilient Girls 

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Simone’s presentation.  After having two teenage boys, I’m now entering teen years with my only daughter.  It has been so different, it’s confusing!  I learned so much at the presentation and thought Simone was one of the best presenters I’ve ever encountered.  We are all so tired by the end of the day and she kept us engaged and chuckling.  Thanks so much for a great workshop!” – Beth