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Registration and Eligibility

To participate, at least 50% of the youth you serve must qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, and you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Employment by a school or youth services organization
  • Employment as a clinician working with youth, including private practice
  • Formal volunteer position with a youth services organization

If you have any questions about eligibility, please email us at teachertraining@girlsleadership.org.

Please be advised that registration does not guarantee enrollment. You will be notified of your application’s status within two weeks of its submission. Applications are processed in the order received. Please be advised that completion of this training does not authorize individuals to sell the program or train others to teach it.

Training includes:

  • Light breakfast, lunch, and refreshments each day
  • Evening Happy Hour on day one
  • A copy of the curriculum


What is the Girls Leadership Teacher Training?

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Girls-Leadership-Teacher-TrainingGirls Leadership has been leading professional development training for over 6 years.
Our approach is simple: we can’t give the girls what we don’t have. This means that our training is focused on working with the teacher first—what culture and values do they bring to the work, what communication habits, and how might they practice conflict as an opportunity for productive change in their own personal or professional life before giving these skills to girls.


Who should attend the training?

You are an educator, clinician, coach, academic, or social justice advocate working with:

  • Girls and young women of color,
  • And/ or girls and young women living in under-resourced communities.
  • You are interested in learning social-emotional tools and strategies to support the girls you serve.
  • You are ready to role model acknowledging and speaking your truth.
If so, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at our new Teacher Training program for professionals focused on serving girls of color and girls living in under-resourced communities.


Participants Will:

  • Become trained to teach the Girls Leadership curriculum;
  • Learn how to create a learning environment in which girls can be themselves;
  • Learn about social-emotional concepts and tools to use in your own life and to teach the girls you serve;
  • Share strategies and experiences with colleagues;
  • Learn Girls Leadership’s unique games and activities;
  • Receive a copy of the curriculum.

Workbook Girl Meets World Professional Development Training


Our lessons include:

  • Our Stories
  • The Practice of Play
  • Tuning In – Internal Voice + Mindfulness + Emotions
  • The Myth of Emotional ESP
  • Avoiding Conflict
  • Pushing in Conflict
  • Assertiveness 101
  • Mistakes and Constructive Criticism
  • Owning Your Strengths
  • Contribution: The End of Blame
  • Conflict + Communication
  • The Real Me



Why It Matters
Currently, there are 25 million K-12 grade girls in the United States. Less than 15% are being served by the combined efforts of all girl-serving organizations. Many of these girls are struggling as they enter puberty, when a steep drop in self-esteem occurs across every ethnic and racial group.


By the Numbers
We have served over 32,000 girls, over 35,000 parents and caregivers, and over 700 Educators, Counselors, and Sports Coaches.


Priority: Expand Our Reach
We are looking to partner with schools and community-based and national youth organizations to scale impact to tens of thousands of girls, families, and educators, particularly in underserved communities. Our approach is teacher-centered, culturally responsive, and founded in social and emotional learning.



  • 100% of previous participants feel confident teaching this material to girls in their programs
  • 83% of previous participants plan to use the training to enhance existing programs


Past Participants Include

Girls on the Run, Squash Drive, YWCA of Berkeley and Oakland, Bay Area Girls Unite, Girl Ventures, MISSEY, Summer Search, Girls Leading Girls, Oakland Lacrosse, Soccer Without Borders, YMCA PG&E Teen Center

“I’m humbled and honored to have been through this pilot training. I believe in the direction of Girls Leadership and the quality of their staff and their training material. Bravo!”

“I was so impressed by the facilitation of this training, the content, and the whole experience. THANK YOU!”