Power ColLABorative Training Online

Girls Leadership is committed to serving our community. We know that opportunities for structure, connecting, learning, and focusing on the future are key to maintaining a sense of purpose. We are excited to announce that Power ColLABorative training is on and we have successfully shifted to an online format. Physically distant — not socially distant!

Scholarship Application

Apply for October 19 – 30 training

Feeling burned out?

Learn to create a healing centered environment for yourself and the youth you serve.

What Will I Learn?

As a participant in the Power ColLABorative, you will work together with other girl-serving professionals to develop practices that are immediately applicable to your own life and your work with girls, including mindfulness, self-compassion, navigating conflict, and identifying values, beliefs, and biases. After two weeks, you will have a powerful group of peers to continue collaboration, new tools and strategies to practice, and an engaging curriculum to support the power of voice of girls in your community.

Training Schedule:

Google Classroom (Self-Guided Modules) + Zoom Meetings (Live Facilitation): You will receive and invitation to join Google Classroom the day before the program starts. 

October 19 – October 30, 2020 OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT  

Zoom Meeting dates (90 minutes per meeting):

Monday, October 19 – 8AM PT/9AM MT/11AM ET
Thursday, October 22 – 8AM PT/9AM MT/11AM ET
Monday, October 26 – 8AM PT/9AM MT/11AM ET
Friday, October 30 – 8AM PT/9AM MT/11AM ET

How Will This Work?

We don’t expect you to drop everything and spend all day in online learning. Instead, this experience will allow you to engage with the material over 2 weeks: taking as much time as you need to work through the self-guided modules in the training.

Training Modules

1) Brave Space Groundwork
2) Social-Emotional Learning
3) Culturally Responsive Mindsets
4) Bias Intervention
5) Trauma-Informed Practice
6) Compassion Fatigue
7) Healing-Centered Engagement

We will be using Google Classroom for self-guided learning with supporting pre-recorded facilitation and Zoom for live meetings to bring us together throughout the two weeks. Please download a free Zoom account at zoom.com

How much does it cost?


Girls Leadership is committed to providing equal access to programs. We are able to offer need-based scholarship assistance with reliance on funding from donors, corporations, and foundations. We award need-based scholarships on a sliding scale with a maximum award of $600. Applications are considered in the order they are received. Scholarships will be awarded based on explanation of need and funding available.

Scholarships on a sliding scale

Scholarship Application

Please be advised that registration does not guarantee enrollment. You will be notified of your application’s status within two weeks of its submission. Applications are processed in the order received. Please be advised that completion of this training does not authorize individuals to sell the program or train others to teach it.


Training Outcomes

Through this training, you will be able to:

  • examine your own relationship with social-emotional skills in order to effectively model strategies for youth.
  • identify gender bias as it shows up in your work with youth and take steps to interrupt it.
  • experience and engage in culturally responsive mindsets and practices and identify strategies to implement them in your work.
  • identify your own biases and make an intervention plan.
  • understand the components of trauma and trauma responses and plan to create a healing-centered environment for youth.
  • recognize the signs of compassion fatigue and develop long-term and short-term strategies for taking care of your own mental health needs.
  • experience the Power ColLABorative curriculum from the stance of both participant and facilitator and collaborate on best practices for implementation.


Training includes:


Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for educators and youth services professionals working with girls in grades 5-12. Note that the curriculum was developed specifically for 6th-8th grades, with the ability to adapt for other grades.

To participate you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Employment by a school or youth services organization
  • Employment as a counselor, therapist, or social worker working with youth, including private practice
  • In a formal volunteer position with a youth services organization

And you are…

  • Interested in implementing culturally responsive, SEL-based curriculum to support the girls you serve.
  • Interested in learning about trauma-informed teaching practices from an asset-based lens.
  • Ready to role model acknowledging and speaking your truth.
  • Excited to collaborate with other professionals and share your knowledge, skills, and wisdom.

If so, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join the Power ColLABorative.

If you have any questions about eligibility, please email our Outreach Manager, Maria Temporal, at maria@girlsleadership.org.



What does the curriculum include?

The curriculum includes suggested lesson sequences, options for differentiation, resource links, handouts, and materials. You will receive a PDF version of the curriculum.

Using a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens, our plug-and-play curriculum is focused on the following five domains with lessons aligned to developmentally appropriate outcomes at three levels, Introductory, Developing, and Advanced:

1. Mindfulness + Self-Compassion

Introductory: I can connect with my internal voice.
Developing: I can use strategies to self-regulate.
Advanced: I can practice self-care techniques that support my mental health and wellness.

2. Identity + Self-Awareness

Introductory: I can explore the components that make up my identity.
Developing: I can explain how my environment and community impact my identity, including my beliefs, values, and biases.
Advanced: I can explore how identity relates to confidence and practice self-efficacy in challenging scenarios.

3. Diversity + Social-Awareness

Introductory: I can explore how my experiences are similar to or different from others’.
Developing: I can evaluate how my identity impacts my experiences with power, privilege, and oppression.
Advanced: I can explore how allyship and solidarity help build community across identities.

4. Community + Relationship Skills

Introductory: I can identify how I’m feeling and make decisions about when/how to share my feelings with others.
Developing: I can practice communicating my needs and taking others’ perspectives.
Advanced: I can recognize different conflict styles and navigate conflict in my community.

5. Advocacy + Action

Introductory: I can identify key people and events that influence what issues matter most to me.
Developing: I can name, evaluate, and defend my core values.
Advanced: I can evaluate problems and use my core values to develop a plan of action.


In addition to our five domains, the Brave Space category and Games and Activities category offer content for building a strong community and trusting environment with your youth.

Our curriculum was developed in partnership with middle school girls in grades 6-8 from across the country. We are fortunate to partner with Girls Athletics Leadership School in Denver and Los Angeles, The Young Women’s Leadership Schools in the Bronx and Astoria, and United Playaz and West Bay Pilipino Services Center in San Francisco to support the development, testing, and iteration of our lessons.



Why is it called Power ColLABorative?

We’re in this work together and dedicated to taking a Liberatory Design Thinking stance in iterating our training and curriculum. We utilize your evaluation and feedback as a driving force for change and responsiveness to your needs and to the needs of the girls you serve. As a collaborator, you’ll be able to share ongoing feedback with our team as you implement the curriculum and apply the strategies and skills with your girls (and any and all youth you serve!).

The design for the Power ColLABorative training is built on 9 years of experience in training professionals.



Past Professional Development Participants:

Girls on the Run, SquashDrive, YWCA of Berkeley and Oakland, Bay Area Girls Unite, Girl Ventures, MISSEY, Summer Search, Girls Leading Girls, Oakland Lacrosse, Soccer Without Borders, YMCA PG&E Teen Center, Jamestown Community Center, Oakland Unified School District, Berkeley Unified School District, The Latina Center, Ophelia’s Place (Eugene, OR), Spark Girl Empowerment, Women’s Therapy Institute, and Mission Girls.

“This entire curriculum is based on equity and access. Bless your work, this is really helpful for addressing diversity in my content. There isn’t a lot available online at times which adds on to our teacher load and having this content available to me now makes it that much easier to be fully present during class.”
-Participant from Los Angeles, CA

“The training … provided a productive reframing of how we can learn about ourselves, change the way we structure programming, and grow to be able to better serve the youth that we work with.”
-Participant from Oakland, CA




Credits: If your supervising organization approves this training to meet CEUs, we can approve documentation that certifies your hours of participation in this training.

Scholarship Application

Apply for October 19 – 30 training

“Thank you for an amazing training last week. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend. Over the course of the two days I moved through a range of emotions. I was inspired, overwhelmed, motivated and emotionally fragile. The training is applicable to not only my professional life, but also in my personal life raising two young girls. Walking away from a training that not only stimulated my intellectual curiosity, but also introduced me to new techniques coupled with hands-on activities is such a gift. Thank you for all of your effort in creating such a powerful experience!” – A participant from Denver, CO