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Simone Marean and Crystyn Wright are pictured, along with text: Raising Resilient Girls. A free community event for parents and caretakers.

Raising Resilient Girls

YOUR GIRL* IS POWERFUL. Learn how to build emotional wellness together.

Join Girls Leadership Co-founder and Co-CEO, Simone Marean and Crystyn Wright, Girls Leadership Curriculum Developer, Trainer, Educator, New York Board Co-Chair for a free community event.


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What if this time were an opportunity to build skills for resilience over a lifetime?

Girls often feel an expectation to be happy, content, and confident, but right now they tell us they’re actually feeling anxiety, disappointment, and loneliness. Raising Resilient Girls gives caregivers the skills to model showing up as our authentic selves so that our girls can navigate life’s inevitable challenges.

As a mom of two boys herself, Simone knows how all kids benefit when we look at the visible and invisible gender expectations girls receive every day. The skills taught in this webinar are applicable to all caregivers who are showing up for youth of all genders.

Together, we will look at the gender expectations your girl or young person is facing right now and the role they might be playing in this national mental health crisis, which is impacting our girls at twice the rate of boys. We’ll invite families to reflect on how we can use conflicts or challenges to model new habits that are the foundation of well-being, resilience, and leadership.

This is a free community event. If you are able to support our mission we ask for a suggested donation of $10. Your support helps us teach girls and their adult influencers the social-emotional skills to come through this time more connected, resilient, and more powerful than ever before. 

To create a brave space where parents can be authentic, we aren’t sharing a recording of these events.


Participants are saying…

Thank you for all you do. Your organization gives me hope for the future.” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and feel I have better insight on how to approach difficult issues with my girl.”

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*Girl includes anyone who identifies as a girl, as well as non-binary and gender-expansive youth.

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