Entering Grade 9

Entering Grade 9

Session 3: July 21 to August 4 (15 days, 14 nights) *One-Third Full*

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A Summer Camp Like No Other

In this program you’ll make amazing friends who will be there for you through high school, into college and beyond. You’ll explore topics such as intersectional identity, media literacy, and conflict as an opportunity for positive change. You’ll become masters of the Girls Leadership personal leadership skills, such as taking risks, making mistakes, voicing your feelings and opinions, building authentic friendships and letting go of the not-so-authentic ones.

At Girls Leadership we define leadership as knowing who you are, what you believe, and being able to express your beliefs effectively to influence others. We see girls’ everyday relationships with friends, family, and peers as leadership opportunities. Leadership isn’t reserved for those few individuals who land in formal roles, such as team captain, or class president, but is a way of life that every girl can live every day.

You’ll leave the Girls Leadership Summer Program with a skill booklet (which girls tell us comes in very handy all year long!), your arts project, and a sterling silver puzzle necklace charm which symbolizes you being a piece of every world you create around you.


In the grade nine workshop series we focus on courage as the essential value for leadership. Over 15 days of this workshop series you’ll learn about messages that come from the media, social media, and society. You’ll learn about who creates those messages, how they are constructed, and why. Most importantly you’ll choose which messages feel like ones that you want to adopt, which ones you want to resist, and how you can take action. The ninth grade skills go beyond personal leadership, to practice making a difference on a broader, societal level.


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Dates and Tuition

July 21 to August 4 (15 days, 14 nights)

$3,800 + $50 application fee

Deposit $800


Life at Girls Leadership

Daily life is full of friends, from brushing your teeth with your hall-mates, to dropping off “love notes” in girls’ mailboxes before bed. In the afternoon, you get some “you time”: your choice of projects, wellness options and fun evening activities like the spontaneous sing-a-longs and Girls Leadership Open Mic.


Grade 9F


At the start of the session, you choose a creative project. Guided by professional teaching counselors, you experiment, improvise and create unique works of art. Past projects included: solo performances, documentary filmmaking, photography, theater and improvisation, recycled art, visual journals, yoga & creative writing and more. Summer project choices change each summer, depending on current staff expertise.

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Trips and Events

During the session there are both challenging trips and just-for-fun days. One possible “challenge trip” could include a visit to a high and low ropes course. Other fun events could include beach or pool days, spoken word poetry slams, and a movie night.


Arts Fest!

You’re creative, brilliant and ready to explore your experiences in exciting ways. We get that. So we’ve invited artists, writers, and performers to guide you on a three-day long Arts Festival. The Arts Fest projects allow you to recognize, honor and communicate your authentic voice through creative media. The projects all culminate in a supportive community celebration of artwork. Past projects include solo performance, spoken word, creative dance, and documentary filmmaking!


Sample of a Girls Leadership Day


  • Breakfast
  • Games, like Whoosh!, Bop, Zip, Zap, Zop, and Yes! It is so fun. We promise.
  • Morning workshops – Here you learn the Girls Leadership skills during these fun interactive sessions


  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Advisory – Small group discussions
  • Projects – Pick your art project! Past projects have included: Creative Writing, Dance, Collaging, Theatre, Photography, Solo Performance, Mask Making
  • Move Your Body – Every day campers will get moving through a nature walk, capture the flag, soccer, stretching, yoga, dance, etc.


  • Dinner
  • Evening Activity – Evenings are 100% fun! Activities include game show night, scavenger hunt, mask making, jewelry making, egg drop, project runway, and much more.
  • Love Notes – An adored GL tradition, Love Notes is the time where we gather in the hall, dance to GL playlists, and write notes to girls who made our day!

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