My Voice My Power


This summer, girls need you to disrupt the growing mental health crisis.

Between ages 10 and 13, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30%, and anxiety and depression rates in teen girls are double those of boys.


The first step to combating this growing mental health crisis in girls is to give support to the grownups in girls’ lives– that’s why we’re providing teachers and coaches with access to Girls Leadership’s groundbreaking social-emotional curriculum right now.


This summer, we’re training hundreds of teachers to help girls unlock the power of their voice— and those teachers will reach 33,000 girls over the course of the year.



We don’t want to wait for school to start to begin this important work. But we can’t do it without your help.


Will you transform a classroom into a life-changing experience for a girl this fall?

For every $2, we will reach another girl.


Every. Gift. Counts.

Together, we can raise up the voice of a generation, one girl at a time.


How To Help

None of us step into our voice and power alone.

Somebody, or many people, give us the scripts, the language.
They see our potential and give us permission.

As Girls Leadership prepares to teach over 5000 teachers to do this for one million girls, we invite you to join us in honoring voice:
Who helped you find your voice? How did they do it?

Donate today in honor of the person who supported your voice.