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LeadHERship Club

Calling all those who are ready to have fun, connect with girls from different cities and work together to change the world. We are building a powerful, intimate community of girls from across the country, who want to learn skills for life and leadership, having fun, and connect with a support group of peers from across the country. Be ready to engage in small group discussions, learn life hacks, create projects with art and multi-media tools and teach others about a cause that matters most to you.

Our virtual LeadHERship Club is for girls in grades 5&6 and 7&8 who want to learn how to use their voice for themselves, others, and their communities. Participants meet twice a week and the sessions are facilitated by experienced Girls Leadership educators. Girls will learn essential social and emotional skills like how to listen to and respect their internal voice, explore and celebrate their identities, build healthy friendships at home and online, and begin the steps to become leaders in their communities for change.

“I felt extremely welcomed, the girls in my club felt like my sisters whenever I got the chance to talk to them. Girls Leadership feels like a second home.”

“It was really fun and definitely brightened up my week. I’m not an open person who loves to share things but this program was eye-opening when it came to that. Everything we were taught was so important to our lives now and in the future.”

“I like how we talk about real problems going on and how I feel confident and safe to share personal stories.”

“I like being able to talk about things like relationships and how to deal with them with other girls my age.”

“Everyone in this club is super understanding about gender identity, your values, and much more. This program has helped me find my confidence, and I really recommend it.”

– 2020 Club Members


Our community will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes twice a week for six weeks.





Danielle Bero, Kendra Carr, Sarah Lee, and Iris Perkins



Our curriculum is focused on the following domains with lessons aligned to developmentally appropriate outcomes.



WK 1 Community Building – Who I Am, Hot Seat
Wk 2 Identity – Power of Voice, Body Image Love Letters
WK 3 Mindfulness & Self Compassion – Values, Growth Mindset
Wk 4 Relationship Skills – Setting Boundaries, Conflict Strategies, Friendships
Wk 5 Diversity & Social Awareness – Perceptive & Point of View, DEI Games, Power of Words
Wk 6 Advocacy – Public Service Announcements, What Would You Do?


Contact Us

For more information about bringing a LeadHERship Club to your organization please email info@girlsleadership.org.