#HowDoYouFeel #InsideOut Twitter Chat

Friday, June 26th at 10am PST/1pm EST

How Challenging Emotions Can Empower Action and Positive Change


Emotional Intelligence Resources & Tools

How Do You Feel Poster Download
Emotional Intelligence Workout

 RULER of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Common Sense Media’s conversation guide for Inside Out

Conversation Guides from The Representation Project

DIY Social Emotional Learning Kit from Wings for Kids

New Moon Girls on Accepting Feelings


Thank You to all who participated and contributed:

Here are the questions we explored:

  1. How will you follow up on this movie in your home, class, or community to deepen its impact?
  2. Joy is skinny, in a dress, while Sadness is large, in a sweater. How might we process that with kids?
  3. How do gender expectations impact developing a young person’s Emotional Intelligence?
  4. What techniques help kids connect with and respect sadness, without being consumed by it?
  5. How can adults role model respecting our emotions in front of kids, without being a burden. What guidelines do you use?
  6. What have you successfully used to practice building Emotional Intelligence in your home or class?
  7. As a community committed to building empathy, how do we continue to engage this story for lasting impact?