Guiding Resilient Girls

For professionals working with girls in grades 5-12 who want to incorporate approaches and lessons to create a healing centered environment for students. 



Monday, Ocotober 19 3:30pm Pacific Time / 6:30pm Eastern Time

Girls Leadership’s Training Director, Catherine MacDonald Burns, will share more about how she helps professionals examine their own relationship with social-emotional skills to effectively model strategies for youth, engage in culturally responsive mindsets and practices, and understand trauma/trauma responses to create a healing-centered environment. Who doesn’t need that right now?

This one-hour webinar will guide you through the following questions: 

  • What is the relationship between social-emotional learning, leadership, and bias? How does that relationship impact girls of color?
  • What is Girls Leadership’s response to our latest research on girls of color and leadership?
  • What does healing centered engagement look like with distance learning?

Need resources right now? Try our 26 SEL check-ins. This resource is intended as a foundation to ground students in a brave space. If you’re looking for additional culturally-responsive lessons consider taking our Power ColLABorative Training.