Girls Basketball Sports Lab

Girls Basketball Sports Lab

In partnership with Her Time To Play, an initiative of the Jr. NBA, Girls Leadership is offering curriculum and training for basketball coaches and athletic directors of girls and gender-expansive youth ages 8 – 18. The Her Time To Play curriculum and training explores the connection between leadership and basketball by building powerful sports communities of belonging where every player can cultivate her voice, influence, and power, on and off the court.

Training for Coaches: 

Belonging in Sports: Co-Creating Wellness, Belonging, and Leadership

Belonging in Sports trainings are offered free to all participants as part of the Jr. NBA’s Her Time To Play initiative.


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How The Basketball Power Lab Works:

Girls Leadership’s Basketball Power Lab is a curriculum and training development model that elevates the expertise and insights of the people we are designing for, players, as the creators of their own solutions. We’ve used this model since 2019, from coast to coast, with incredible results for both girls, gender-expansive youth and the adults that support them. The Power Lab has three components: 1) Co-Design solutions, 2) Testing activities, and 3) Training professionals. The result is proven curriculum and training that is both culturally responsive and trauma-informed.



Together with the WNBA, Girls Leadership launched free Belonging in Basketball resources that we created through the Her Time To Play initiative: 

  • Certification: Training to equip coaches with activities, coaching tips, and mindsets to create a strong foundation of wellbeing, belonging and community for their teams. 
  • Curriculum: 36 lessons across 3 age groups (7-9, 10-12, 13-17) designed to teach players to be brave, make mistakes, and lead; created in partnership with Girls Leadership. 
  • Wellness Check-Ins: 23 quick activities to build the social and emotional muscles of self-awareness, empathy, and connection to others; created in partnership with Girls Leadership.