Williams sisters get beyond the zero-sum game

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Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most competitive women in sports. They’re also some of the most supportive.

Have you talked with your girl about the idea of a zero-sum game? With their Australia Open title match, the Williams sisters just made this the IDEAL time to connect with our girls about challenging the idea that competition is a zero-sum game. Competing against one another in sports, running for office against friends, or trying out for the same part in a play doesn’t have to be about winning or losing.

We tend to think of our achievements as a zero-sum game when we are most insecure, or when we are scared. What if we push past our insecurity and explore the possibility that we can compete against each other, respect each other, and make each other better in the process? Even if the situation is, like tennis, one where someone needs to win and someone needs to lose, we will only get better, have more fun, and discover our potential if we take the risk to get beyond zero-sum.

Venus and Serena show us how:

Venus and Serena support each other
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