Launching: The Girls Leadership Power Lab

Click here to download the Power Lab slides


In the fall of 2018 we are launching the Girls Leadership Power Lab, a national incubator to disrupt the loss of voice and confidence for over one million girls. Our Lab is built on our long term partnerships with the Student Leadership Network, in New York, and the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools in Denver and LA. We will re-build our curriculum with intersectional identity squarely placed at the center of our work. The result will be training and curriculum for teachers, sports coaches, guidance counselors and professionals who work with girls every day.

To learn more about participating in Power Lab, contact Chief Program Officer, Mia Arakaki, mia @

If you’d like to fund or otherwise support this initiative, please contact Development Manager, Marla Cole, marla @


  1. Robert R Rountree

    Hi Marla – I trying to find out more about the Girls Leadership Power Lab. I applied for the NY Training Manager position yesterday (am I too late?) and I am doing my research:) – Robert

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