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I hope that your fall is going well. We are excited to take-on the annual challenge that is Halloween media and sales messaging to young women and girls. Girls as young as age five or six are being sold costumes and characters that limit their imaginations and aspirations to an ever-narrowing definition of attractive. This early-sexualization of girls has serious consequences in the tween and teen years, and beyond. Click here to read our full blog on Halloween, which provides the five questions that can start a productive conversation between you and your daughter in the costume aisle. It just takes a conversation to shift your daughter’s mindset from a passive consumer to a savvy marketing analyst.

Below you’ll get a sneak peek at our Summer Camp plans for 2013; learn about Kyra DiMarco, a middle school girl on her mostly male football team; preview Kepler’s Dream, a new young adult book we think you’ll like; and read  about how Whole Foods is helping us provide nutritious food for our Parent and Daughter weekends.

We wish you a wonderful fall season.

All my best,

Simone Marean

Executive Director

Leadership on the Offensive Line

You’ve just sat down to watch a football game at the Woodland School in Portola Valley, California. The players are in a huddle with their coach, reviewing plays before starting. They run out on to the field, and the crowd cheers. However, this isn’t your average tackle football team. The team is all boys — almost. What’s different is that there are three girls on the playing field.

For 8th grader and three-year GLI Summer Camper Kyra DiMarco, one of the female football players at the school, playing flag football has been a passion for the past few years. She started out as a coach’s assistant in the fall of 2011 and ended up playing defensive end and on the offensive line for her team for the past season and a half. (Click here to read the full blog).

Summer Camp Update

We are thrilled to announce that Julia Loonin is stepping into the role of Summer Camp Director for our 2013 season. Julia has been part of the GLI team for over five years. At camp, Julia has done everything from working as Director of Recreation, Camp Nurse, Teaching Counselor, and Co-Director. During the academic year, Julia has taught the GLI Parent-Daughter programs in five states! She is well loved by campers and families alike. Thinking you might want to join Julia at camp this summer? SAVE THE DATE! Campers rising into grades 6 – 8: June 22 – July 12, and campers rising into grades 9 – 12, July 15 – August 4, 2013. Registration will open soon!

This Month’s Girl Find: Kepler’s Dream by Juliet Bell

Juliet Bell’s first children’s book, Kepler’s Dream is, in part, about stars. Stars that inspire and comfort. Stars that helps us express our love or talk about death.

Bell illuminates a constellation of wonderful characters who surprise the reader with their capacity to grow and change.

We recommend Kepler’s Dream, which creates a touching picture of a loving, imperfect family, and reminds us that while we can’t choose our relatives, we do choose our family.

(Click here to read the full book review).


Whole Foods Gives to the GLI Community!

As a company, Whole Foods Market is unique. Staff at each store have a lot of latitude in deciding the best way to operate to meet the needs of their local community. This independence allows stores to apply a personal touch to their community giving.

GLI thanks Whole Foods Lafayette for their generous support of our upcoming Real Parent, Real Daughter Weekend on Oct 19-21. Whole Foods has donated all of our lunches and snacks for the weekend.

We would love for our GLI friends and family to show their support for Whole Foods Lafayette not only by shopping there, but also by being a friend on Facebook. If you like what Whole Foods is doing for GLI, then please like Whole Foods Lafayette!

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