Dear Friends,

Drum roll, please….we have some major news about Summer Camp 2011! Read on for the exciting details. In the next month, we’ll invite all alumnae to return during a special registration period, followed by a welcome to new families to join us. Make sure that you’re in the loop for camp registration.

Have you read our Real Girl Guide to the Holidays? Check it out below. And be sure to look at out our awesome professional development training photo album. There are some great shots of the GLI games in action. Looking for a inspiring gift for the aspiring leader in your house? Our November girl find is Amanda Visell’s humorous and delightful poster series. Check them out below.

Over 500 families participated in GLI workshops this fall! We are feeling grateful for your support as we head into the holidays. Have a happy and safe season!

All my best,
Simone Marean


Girls Eating Ice CreamSummer Camp 2011
Summer Camp will be here before you know it, and while we can’t yet disclose our new super-secret surprise location, we can tell you a little about it. That’s right: summer camp is moving!

Our new location features bigger dorms, air-conditioned workshop space (woot!) and lots more outdoor activities and opportunities for exploring the Berkshires. And, just to make sure we’re making the most of our exciting big change, we’re also shaking up the timeframe. Yes it’s true – camp is now three amazing weeks! (Except for sixth-graders, who get an awesome 10-day session.) That’s three weeks to get your girly groove on, three weeks to really learn and practice GLI skills, and three weeks to make deeper friendships and have more fun than you ever thought possible. Awoo! Can’t wait to see YOU!

Professional Development Training

Girl Meets World Professional Development Training at Simmons College

Last month we fell in love with the 30 devoted youth professionals who joined us from around the country and the world for our Girl Meets World Training. We were delighted by the warmth and hospitality of our gracious host, Simmons College, which included a formal welcome by Simmons president, Helen Drinan, and Psychology professor and noted researcher on girls, Janie Victoria Ward. If you want to check out photos of our posse soaking up the GLI exercises and games. Rachel Simmons led the group in an amazing two and a half day journey. Join our next group. We’ll notify you when the details become available.


Girls in Winter HatsReal Girl Guide to the Holidays
The holidays are a time when it’s all too easy to get caught up in taking care of others and obsessed with how we look. Not to sound Grinch-like — hey, we love a good party — but we’re making an effort this year to stay in touch with our Real Girl selves so we can genuinely enjoy the next four weeks.

If your Curse of the Good Girl starts acting up over the holidays, we recommend a few tablespoons of GLI medicine this year: ask for what you need. We’re not talking presents; that would be asking for what you want. We mean the countless moments over the holidays when we say “yes” or do what someone else wants because that’s what we’re SUPPOSED to do.

Over the next four weeks, give yourself the gift of reflection to decide whether or not you really want to do something. This may mean not seeing everyone you usually do, or asking your cousin to do the dishes, or getting take out, or going to bed early. You decide.

Just remember: when we say “ask for what you need,” we mean out loud using words.

Let us know how it goes!


cartoon drawingGirl Find
Need a little décor for your dorm? Inspiration in your inhabitance? Check out these sweet posters from Amanda Visell celebrating the you inside the girl.

Four different modern and cute images sing the strengths of the captain, the knight, the maverick, and what appears to be Lady Sasquatch, each with a tagline (like “I am wild” or “I can save myself”) affirming a girl’s own unique superpower. One of these would definitely put some RAWWRRRR in your room!

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