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Cooper UX Boot Camp August 11 – 14

Only 12% of the 25,000,000 K-12 girls in the United States are currently being served by the efforts of all girl-serving organizations put together (Girls Inc, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, Girls for a Change, Girls Leadership, Sadie Nash, GenAustin, etc.). That means 22,000,000 girls are not getting the skills, experiences and communities that they need to live a life of everyday leadership.

Who is the number one influencer on those girls?

Her friends? Her teachers? Actually, it’s her parents. Our research shows that this holds true all the way through the end of high school. Even though adolescents may not always show it, what they told us is that while they are afraid of judgment from their peers, they trust their parents. This was true across differences in culture and socio-economics.

So let’s reach those 22,000,000 girls by educating the people who are looking for help – their parents. The way that parents speak, argue, let themselves be vulnerable, or maintain a front gives their children the permission and language to do the same. When we educate a parent on how to engage in tough conversations, role model healthy conflict, and express their authenticity we are empowering parents with the tools to build emotional intelligence and creating sustainable impact on their kids.

VideosLast year Bloomberg Philanthropy donated $165,000 to give Girls Leadership the seed money to catalyze this action: giving all parents access to free, unlimited education to the skills and practices of raising resilient girls. We launched our new site last February with two parent education tools: a video series and a blog. Tens of thousands of parents are consuming our educational videos and blogs each month, and hundreds of thousands are reached by our social media conversations each week.

Now we are ready to start building phase two – a stickier, more engaging educational experience that will take our audience through a regular cycle of engagement, education, practice, and assessment to truly change the way the parents are learning, engaging, and practicing Social & Emotional Learning. What format will that take? We can’t wait to see what suggestions and concepts the Cooper UX Bootcamp generates.


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  1. Yahaira Perez-Caraballo

    Love this! Our organization is dedicated to help Latina mothers and daughters get the information they need and the resources to build a stronger relationship.

    Thank you!


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