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There was a time, not too many years ago, when GLI went into winter hibernation around this time of year. Back then, we would organize the office and dream of summer camp. No longer. This month, we were in New York for the best camp reunion ever, then back to the west coast for our second peer leadership training. Now we're headed off to Boulder for a sold out Parent-Daughter weekend.

Between trips, we’re thrilled to be working on new projects. We just kicked off our first after-school program, Club Real Girl (CRG), with 24 girls from six schools. Rachel Simmons’ curriculum training, Girl Meets World, quickly sold out to teachers, counselors and administrators from all over the US and Canada. Our summer camp is filling up faster than ever before. If you're considering GLI for this summer, don’t wait. Some grade levels have just one spot left!

Read on to learn about what we're up to, get the skinny on the reunion and check out our exciting summer job opportunities.

All Our Best,
Simone Marean and Julia Loonin


'Girl Meets World' LogoGirls Meet World Curriculum Training
On April 10, Rachel Simmons and Simone Marean will guide 30 teachers, counselors and administrators through the first Girl Meets World curriculum training. Participants are flying to New York City from across the United States and Canada to learn how to implement GLI's empowering lessons and games in their communities. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to the training announcement! If you want to take part in a GLI training, but missed this opportunity, visit the website to be notified of future workshop dates. We hope to see you there!

Girls PlayingClub Real Girl Kicks off this Month!
Club Real Girl, GLI's first after school program, started last week with a sold out group of fifth and six graders from the Bay Area Peninsula. At Club Real Girl, girls come together to create a socially safe community where they can play wild GLI games, build emotional intelligence, learn concrete relationship skills and have fun! In just two short weeks, the girls have already taken ownership of the program and are beginning to explore what it feels like to express their real, amazing selves.

'We're Hiring' LogoWe're Hiring
Join a staff of outstanding professionals who grow and oversee the extraordinary GLI community. We are currently hiring four teaching counselors (summer and year-round) and two camp interns. We are also looking for part time Community Marking Specialists in Silicon Valley and New York, and a Grant Writer. Each position offers a unique opportunity to join of the GLI family and awaken girls to the power of being their authentic selves. To apply or read more about our available positions.

Girls with Face PaiintMeet Taryn, Grade 8. Taryn gives us the scoop on the camp reunion in New York City

January 16th had to be one of the greatest days of my life because of the Girls Leadership Institute reunion. The day was so great it had to be magical. At first I was a little nervous to see everybody again, afraid that they may have changed. But when I arrived I was pleased to see that with the exception of a couple haircuts, everyone was exactly the same as they were six months ago. In fact we were all talking about how it still felt like we were all at GLI and how it was like we had never been apart. It wasn't just the girls that made the reunion great either. From playing Whoosh to almost falling on my butt while ice skating in Central Park to eating wicked good Chinese food with my best friends, (Food Good!) it was an all around great day. After coming home I finally realized something: GLI's just like one big family. We're all sisters and we all care about each other and no one is there to do anything but support one another and help us when we need it.

Although GLI is wonderful and fantastic, but I do have to say that it's extremely hard to come home. It's hard because the instant I arrive back in California I land in the “the real world” and reality hits like a bullet and sets in. I remember right now my life in California is no where close to sunny (figuratively and literally). I'm sure every GLI girl can relate to the feeling of not being sure what to do when we come home and friendship problems start to happen. For me at least it can be really tempting to go back to my old ways and forget all the amazing skills I learned. When that happens we all have to listen to our BFF voices and ignore the Gremlin ones, and ask ourselves what would Simone, Julia, or Shelby want us to do right now and follow that voice even if it's hard. It's also very comforting to remember that no matter where you are you can always call your GLI friends and know that they won't judge you or think that your problems don't matter. I don't know about you but i'm looking forward to many more GLI reunions and summers.
– Taryn S 

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