International Day of the Girl 2020

Girls Leadership is celebrating the power and leadership of every girl.
Ready to Lead: International Day of the Girl
Saturday, Oct. 10
10 AM–11:45 AM PT /1PM–2:45 PM ET

This event is over but you can still watch the inspiring message from our speakers.


We will come together to lift each other up and reconnect to our inner leader, the part of ourselves that makes others and situations better. Join us to celebrate the ways girls are shaping the world every day, and to explore new ways to engage with the world, build community, and express yourself. 

At this interactive event, you will get the opportunity to try new methods of self-expression and leadership skills, participating in a workshop of your choice hosted by Girls Leadership or one of our community partners. See below for a full list of offerings like spoken word poetry, Zoomba, navigating networking, and a basketball clinic. Sign up now to receive more details on workshop selections! 

Please note the workshops are for girls in grades 4–12, but all are welcome to join before and after for our keynote and celebration.


Event Flow 
Welcome  (20 minutes)  
Workshops For Girls (60 minutes)    
Community Closing (25 minutes)


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Keynote Speakers


Jamira Burley

Recognized by the Obama White House as a Champion of Change and a Forbes Under 30 Honoree in Law and Policy, Jamira has made it her mission to employ her personal experiences as the driving force to improve the lives of others. From implementing anti-violence programs throughout the City of Philadelphia when she was just a high school student, to organizing youth trainings around the world as an appointee to the United Nations Global Education First Initiative; Youth Advocacy Group, Jamira’s ardor for personal and social advancement is undeniable. She leads with marked expertise on youth engagement, education reform, social impact, gun violence prevention, and criminal justice reform. In 2018, Jamira was the first U.S. citizen awarded the Global Leadership Award for Vital Voices and selected as an MIT Media Lab Fellow. Today she works as a next-gen social impact consultant and Head of Youth Engagement and Skills for the Global Business Coalition for Education, working to create collaborative relationships among youth, bilateral agencies, governments, and business leaders to enable innovative ways to educate, engage, and activate young people around the world. Prior to the Global Business Coalition for Education, Jamira was the National Deputy Millennial Vote Director for Hillary for America and former manager at Amnesty International USA overseeing the U.S. justice portfolios addressing gun violence, police accountability, and criminal justice reform.

Sara Mora

Sara Mora is a storyteller, digital strategist and artist. She is dedicate to education, language accessibility, storyteller rights and migrant rights. A DACA recipient herself, she has dedicated her youth to strategizing ways to supporting her community. Last year she spent the entire year working directly with community at the largest border of the country, in San Diego, California prioritizing providing digital tools to support the existing work of her community. Finding her voice at protests and at civil rights meetings with her local community, Sara has from a young age served as a leader on youth leadership programs locally and recently in 2018 as Co-President of Women’s March Youth Empower national. Her family and upbringing were key to her work being rooted in decentralizing the larger narrative on migration. Understanding that people power is built on going against the current and always questioning the status quo, Sara has embarked on creating non-affiliated actions to supporting her community using online tools. Learn more about her work @MissSaraMora on socials.






Workshop Descriptions


Aim High and Achieve Impact with Miss CEO – GRADES 8-12

The world needs great leaders to tackle its biggest problems – and that starts with YOU! This workshop will teach you how to invest in your leadership toolkit so you feel empowered during these unprecedented times. Specifically, learn how to effectively pitch yourself, conduct informational interviews with mentors, and explore meaningful opportunities.


Basketball Fundamentals: Grow your Mindset and your Skill Set with Power Play – GRADES 4-5

Join PowerPlay for a fun, interactive basketball fundamentals clinic. No special equipment necessary as we teach you how to shoot a basket using any items you have at home. We will also discuss building confidence and our growth mindset as keys to learning a new skill.


Breaking Down Body Messages and Learning to Love Ourselves with The Body Positive – GRADES 9-12

We get a lot of messages about our bodies on a daily basis — what’s “wrong” with them and what they “should” look like — from all kinds of sources. In this workshop, we’ll take time to break down these messages, learn about sizeism and the harmful effects it has on all of us, and practice declaring our own authentic beauty!


Camera 101 with Reel Stories – GRADES 6-12

If you are documenting your time in quarantine, are the next Ava DuVernay, or just want technical help to get your YouTube channel up and running, this is a workshop for you! We will go over ways to help with lighting, camera angles, and how to organize your film files so you can edit and upload with ease.


Cardio Sweat Party with Cardio Sweat Party – GRADES 4-12

Come ready to sweat, leave feeling empowered. Cardio Sweat Party combines kickboxing, dance, and athletic drills with energizing music to challenge your body. The workout is comprised of three groups of choreography with strength and power drills in between them all. This program is truly a workout PARTY and CELEBRATES all that you can do.


Dynamo Girl Virtual Fitness with Dynamo Girl – GRADES 4-6

Ever wondered how to do a burpee? Do you miss the days of playing freeze dance with your friends? Are you intrigued by the idea of Refrigerator Tag? Then our hour-long Dynamo Girl class is right for you. We include a variety of fun fitness games that can be done in small spaces with no equipment and lots of laughter. No prior knowledge of sports, fitness, or burpees required.


Media’s “Perfect” Girl: Deconstructing with MediaGirls – GRADES 6-8

In this workshop, led by Amanda Mozea, MEDIAGIRLS Education Outreach Manager, girls will explore media’s messaging around the “perfect girl” and challenge impossible beauty standards. Following the discussion, they will take part in our favorite pie plate activity which will teach girls to discover eight non-physical qualities that they love about themselves. We can’t wait for you to join us!


From Media Literacy to Girl-Led Social Justice with About Face – GRADES 9-12

This 60-minute virtual workshop is engaging and interactive, and will make the most of all the features Zoom has to offer. We’ll break down toxic media culture, while discussing ways to make your own media that is both empowering and inspiring. We will close out with a brief overview of how to use media strategically in social justice campaigns, and what youth-led activism in the Bay Area we’re the most excited about.


Funny Girls: Leadership Through Improv! with Funny Girls – GRADES 4-8

Laugh, learn and lead at the same time? YES, AND cultivate leadership skills, including risk-taking and collaboration through improv! We’ll take you through a wild journey of creating characters and plot on the spot in a supportive interactive setting, while honing the skills of resiliency and collaboration. We welcome introverts, extraverts, improv newbies, and leadership pros alike.


Go Girls! Take Center Stage: After-School Clubs with Go Girls! – GRADE 4

Experience the Go Girls! Culture Code with interactive, body-moving, creative activities across theater, music, art, and dance, all while practicing and acknowledging self-care. At Go Girls! we believe that self-care is what we do to keep ourselves healthy and happy.


Paper Architecture with Girls Garage! – GRADE 9-12 

Put your builder hat on and let’s make some paper structures! In a fun and hands-on hour with instructor Allison Oropallo, you’ll tackle design challenges and test out engineering concepts using paper, tape, and other common materials.


Radical Poetry with Girls Leadership – GRADES 4-12

Engage in the power of poetry as we highlight BIPOC poets and build community!


Self-Care Strategies for 2020 with GirlVentures – GRADE 5-8

Join GirlVentures youth-lead workshop to learn strategies for self-care during this pandemic. Two of the GirlVentures Youth Advisory Board members will engage participants in sharing ways you can take care of your mental and physical health, have fun and build connections as we continue to navigate this new normal. We invite you to come and share what has been bringing you joy and how you have been practicing self care!


Where Baby Animals, Sisterhood, and Conservation Collide with Girls Who Click – GRADES 9-12

Whether it is photographing cheetahs while living in a bush camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara, working with polar bear biologists in the Arctic, or chasing chimpanzees through some of the world’s deepest jungles, award-winning photographer Suzi has many photographs and adventure stories to share. In this presentation Suzi gives a glimpse into the life of a wildlife photographer. Part artist, part scientist, and part sociologist, Suzi describes the skills one needs to be successful in this unique field. Hear how she composes photos while riding an elephant in India, how she keeps herself safe while working with grizzly bears, and how her photography can help raise awareness of the problems facing wildlife today.


Yoga, Social Justice, and You with Yoga Foster – GRADES 4-5

Join in for a deep dive into how yoga practices are inherently linked to standing up for what you believe in. We’ll practice several different movement, breathing and meditation techniques, as well as a discussion at the beginning and end.


Zumba with Girls Leadership – GRADES 4-12

Come dance, laugh, and connect with our Adolescence Program Manager, Iris. This Zumba workshop will feature your favorite women artists while incorporating core Zumba rhythms like merengue, salsa, reggaeton, and cumbia.


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