How to Raise Resilient Girls

Parents and caregivers are coming to Girls Leadership asking for support as the impact of a year and a half of increased isolation, dependence on technology, stress, and anxiety emerge. This heightened level of stress and anxiety is why we are taking an hour and 15 minutes on Monday, Oct. 18, in our Raising Resilient Girls webinar to pause, take a deep breath (we will literally take a breath together), and focus on what we can practice right now to cultivate resilience with the girls in our lives.

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In this webinar we like to start by asking ourselves, what does gender have to do with resilience? Why not talk about raising resilient kids? We will take a look at gender expectations and what difference they might make for our young people navigating growing up during a global pandemic and a racial reckoning within the environment of a climate crisis. We will also talk about racial identity since race and ethnicity deeply impact how girls experience gender expectations and our current environment.

Once we explore how gender and race connect to resilience and wellness, we will explore tangible actions that we can put into practice right away to help you and your girls respond to disappointment (aka, our fall plans before delta), anxiety, mistakes, and conflict. We’ll share the conclusion in advance — this is actually about you, not your girl. You are her best teacher, so embrace all the disappointment, anxiety, missteps, and hard conversations. Your vulnerability during these hard times is the most powerful gift you can give her.

To break down what that looks like and small steps we can all take, we will discuss topics such as the importance of emotional intelligence, personal responsibility, and approaching conflicts as an opportunity for positive change. Meanwhile, we encourage you to remember that you already have what she needs most — the truth of your lived experiences.

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