How 4th & 5th graders gain leadership skills for life

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A lot of us are burnt out on having disagreements and difficult conversations in public, at work, and in our communities. Conflict feels uncomfortable, especially if it doesn’t lead to growth and understanding. Conflict as an opportunity for change might be a radical concept for some girls, but they need this key leadership skill right now.

Girls Leadership’s one-week Day Camp teaches girls how to speak up for themselves and others, equipping them with leadership skills that will serve them over a lifetime.

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Discover the power of their voice.

Through art projects, silly games, and workshops, the girls might not even realize they are practicing the skills to speak-up, stay true to themselves, and create change in their world. Now more than ever, girls need the skills to advocate for themselves and those around them.


Think of mistakes as part of learning.

This is the age girls’ confidence plummets and perfectionism teaches them to hide mistakes, or only engage in activities that come easily to them. Our fun games, workshops, and creative art are designed with mistakes in mind, so girls can experience bouncing back from a setback and take that resilience with them into the next school year.


Build a fun and inclusive community.

Connecting with others is a skill that will serve girls over a lifetime at school, work, and in relationships. In just one week, girls learn how to identify and ask for what they need, and practice having difficult conversations when conflicts arise. Our experienced educators create a space where girls are free to be their authentic selves and take healthy risks in a supportive environment.

What girls say.


“I liked that I made friends, learned that mistakes aren’t bad, and that no one is perfect.”


“Leadership is standing up for yourself, and helping others if they do not know how to, being kind, and setting a good example.”


What grown-ups say.


“My daughter was dreading attending this camp. She was mad at me for signing her up. She wanted to spend summer goofing off and watching TV, like many of her friends. She ended up LOVING the camp and asking if she can go again in the next summer.”


“This is the first camp she has been so entirely engaged in the process and all of the activities provided. She has learned valuable tools to step in to her power appropriately, and also how to successfully navigate challenging situations with friendships. Great investment, thank you.”


Find a Day Camp Near You


California     Colorado     New Jersey

Scholarships available.


  1. Gail Hook

    When is the camp?
    Do you need workers? Would love to be involved. I can send a resume. Thanks.

    • Dorothy Ponton, Digital Marketing Manager

      Hi Gail,
      We have already hired all of our staff for this year’s camp. When we post job openings, they’ll be on this page. To find out more about our Summer Programs, check out this page.


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