Help us help educators learn to avoid harmful SEL at SXSW EDU

We always learn so much from the girls and educators we serve, and we want to bring our findings about the importance of engaging students to co-design curriculum and the process of centering racial and gender equity in SEL and wellness at SXSW EDU next year. To get there, we need your help voting up our panel! *Note: you will need to create a SXSW account and confirm it before you are able to vote for our panel. The process takes less than one minute — thank you in advance!

Vote for our panel!

At Girls Leadership we partner with schools to co-design curriculum with the most marginalized students—girls and gender expansive youth of color—in order to best serve all students. Our goal for SXSW EDU 2022 is to share our process, based in Liberatory Design, so that all schools and organizations can elevate students as program designers. This is especially important to address the growing mental health crisis for adolescents, especially teens of color. Most SEL programs don’t address racial and gender equity. We must mitigate this harm and replace these programs with programs that center wellness and social justice at their core.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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