Gratitude on Election Day

To all the women running for office, Thank You for being brave. We salute your resilience. Win or lose, you’ve shown us leadership is about giving your community a voice.

“But mommy not everybody wins!” a fourth grade girl explained to her mother when asked why she didn’t run for student government. Today, #ElectionDay2016, is an incredible day of bravery where rule breakers from every background and political party are taking the risk to be in the race for Congress or a state legislature.

In elementary school our girls are being taught to smile, be liked, fit in, be attractive, don’t be conceited, and be perfect at everything they do. Too many of our girls avoid the risk to run for student government, fearing failure, or worse, judgment.

Watch this video as a family and explore together:

1. How do you think these candidates are feeling? Talk about how feeling scared is a part of the process of discovering your potential.

2. Why would they take this risk and make themselves susceptible to being judged for how they look, how they speak, or what they say? Why put yourself out there if you could lose? Talk about how every time you speak up, you don’t always get what you want, but you do always learn. Imagine together what the candidates might have taken away from this experience. If it is appropriate, share why you wouldn’t give up disappointments or heartbreaks you’ve experienced.

3. Public office is just one form of leadership where leaders give a voice to others. Are there opportunities in your life to give a voice to others? What would it sound like to be this kind of leader without ever taking a formal ‘office’?

Everyday relationships are the incubator for leadership. We can help our kids start using their voices now.

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