Dear Friend,

Thank you for being part of Girls Leadership Institute’s community this year. As we look forward to 2014, we are thrilled to serve 10,000 participants, launch our research and content-sharing initiatives, and provide even more fully-funded programs for girls. We have planned 2014 with you in mind, because in order to reach our goals, we are counting on the support of individuals like you. 

By participating in our year-end campaign, you will help GLI reach thousands of girls, parents, and educators. With your support, we will continue to teach girls to identify who they are, what they believe, and how to express it, empowering them to make change in their world. Your support will provide programs, scholarships, and content to girls, parents, and educators. 

Our girls need us now more than ever. They are under immense pressure to please others and navigate relationships both online and in real life. Day after day, girls receive messages that the closer they get to the media’s idea of beauty, the more they will be liked. They are striving to live up to an ever more unattainable definition of beauty and self-worth. To combat these pressures, GLI provides girls with a foundation of personal leadership that awakens them to a life of authenticity and genuine self-worth. 

We are nearing the close of our year-end campaign, our most important of the year, and we need to raise over $25,000 to reach our goal. We appreciate anything you can do to get us closer to our goal.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!

With gratitude,

Simone Marean
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Why Give to GLI?
GLI has changed my daughter’s life. She gained much-needed confidence and has become a very strong and insightful girl. I am not worried and much less fearful about her in these teen years, as I truly believe she now has tools to help her navigate the future and what it may bring. – Maura

Our impact in 2013:
  • 6,479 participants served from 26 states and 4 countries
  • 166 programs delivered
  • 118% increase in scholarships awarded
  • 50% increase in participants served
  • 45% increase in total donations
Our goals for 2014:
  • Our total annual fundraising goal is $316,500.
  • GLI plans to serve over 10,000 participants in 2014.
  • More families will receive full or partial scholarships to attend our program.
  • New initiatives to conduct primary research and disseminate content online will allow GLI to reach tens of thousands in the coming years.

We hope you will include us in your year-end giving. A gift of any amount is really appreciated.

 We have a lot to be grateful for this year!

GLI is partnering with Breakthrough Collaborative Silicon Valley (BCSV) to provide engaging programs for girls and families from low-income communities in San Jose. Through funding from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), we provided one BCSV spring break Day Camp in 2013 and will provide two in 2014. Through funding from Yahoo, we will provide a BCSV Parent-Daughter summit in February 2014.

  • GLI is partnering with schools in The Young Women’s Leadership Network (TYWLN) to provide engaging programs for girls from low-income communities in the New York City area. We provided one spring Day Camp in 2013 and will provide another in 2014; both are partially funded by PwC and TYWLN.
  • GLI is excited to be offering our Parent-Daughter workshop series to girls in grades 6th–8th after creating new curriculum for middle school girls and their families.
  • GLI integrated references to social media into our entire curriculum, making the material more relevant for girls and parents.
  • GLI broke records by raising close to$85,000 for our Summer Camp scholarship campaign, giving over sixty-five girls the opportunity to take part in this life-changing program.
  • GLI received grants from the NoVo Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies to help us pursue our new strategic initiatives: research and online content dissemination. We also received grants from PwC andYahoo to provide program-specific projects and donations from Eileen Fisher for general operating support.
  • GLI received 270 donations from our generous community of individual donors.
  • GLI’s program staff grew from 25 educators to 56, allowing us to provide even more programs in CA, CO, NJ, NY, and MA.
  • GLI provided a record 43 programs in October 2013, up from 29 in October 2012.

Simone Welcomes a Baby Boy!
Congratulations to Simone Marean, GLI Executive Director & Co-Founder, on the birth of her second son! Julian Bernard Kasen, aka Jude, came into the world in mid-November, and we could not be happier for Simone and her family! She is currently on leave and all of us on the GLI team miss her, but we are happy that she is enjoying time with her newborn and his big brother Oliver, age two.

Simone will return from leave on March 3rd, 2014.

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