Dear Ms. Starr: I’m Curious About Camp

Dear Ms. Starr,

When you were in middle school, did you attend a summer camp that helped build your confidence? Any recommendations for a middle school girl, especially located on the West Coast?

~ Curious About Camp

Dear Curious About Camp,

Thanks so much for writing in! Growing up, I went to camp almost every summer. When I was younger, I attended several different day camps and, starting in middle school, I began going to a co-ed sleep away camp for three weeks every summer.

My experience at camp was great! It became a safe place that I looked forward to going back to after every school year. At camp, I also found my soul sisters –– a group of truly stellar lady friends, some of whom I remain friends with to this very day.

Camp was a place that challenged me to try new things, like using a bow and arrow, learning how to make lanyards, climbing a tall tree (in a harness of course), and jumping off a rock into an crystal clear lake, to name just a few adventures.

Camp can be a real confidence booster for girls if they feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Standing on stage with her bunkmates to perform a skit for the talent show, being cheered on by others when it is her turn at ropes course, or comforting a friend who may be feeling homesick are all precious moments for a girl to feel empowered and of value.

There are many different types of camps on the West Coast that may be a great place for a middle school girl to spend her summer. Although GLI does not endorse any camp besides our own, you can always search the Internet to see what your options are.

GLI does have its own residential summer camp for all girls on the East Coast in Massachusetts. Located on the Mount Holyoke campus, middle school girls from all over the country come to learn leadership skills, make amazing friends, play games, and have a blast being themselves. For more information check out the “summer camp” section of our website.

Best of luck in your camp search!


Ms. Starr

  1. Lynn


    I have heard wonderful things about your program and believe our school is looking into running it (again!) next year. I am wondering if you are considering an additional location for summer sleep away camp? Something out west, like Colorado, would be great for those of us who cannot swing getting our kids to the east coast. Just a suggestion!

    Thank you!

    • Dorothy Ponton

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks so much for your comment! For now, the best person to talk about additional sleep away camp options is our Program Manager, Anneka. You should be hearing from her soon, and can call her at 866 744-9102 ext. 704 or email her Anneka (at)


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