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Across the country, people are talking about women’s leadership. While people have been talking, Girls Leadership Institute (GLI) has been acting. For over a decade, we’ve been teaching thousands of girls the practical skills they need to live a life of personal and societal leadership.

This summer, we will host our most in-depth program for girls –– GLI’s Summer Camp. With your help, GLI can provide scholarships to 30% of our Summer Camp participants this year.  Of those, 10% need full-tuition scholarships.

An external study that evaluated GLI’s Summer Camp found that girls leave with:

  • enhanced self-esteem, personal power, and a positive view of the future
  • increased integrity, honesty, and restraint
  • improved empathy, relationship skills, and comfort with other cultures

Sixty-five motivated girls are waiting to hear whether they will receive the aid they need to attend Summer Camp and learn these life-changing skills this year. Janaui from Rochester, NY is one of those girls.

Janaui’s spirit is infectious, even though she has an unusual amount of responsibility for her age. She takes care of her younger siblings while her mother works to support the family, and she still manages to excel in school. Janaui is on a path to college. While education is a critical foundation, she will also need the skills to manage conflict, the ability to listen to criticism, the grace to own her mistakes, and the resilience to respond when things don’t go as planned.

GLI teaches girls these skills, helping them build a strong internal resume. 

Imagine what Janaui can achieve if she can build the confidence, authority, and skills to become an authentic leader.

A gift from you today will support us in providing our Summer Camp experience to Janaui and many other deserving girls. When you invest in these girls, you are investing in the future of our society, a future where women fully participate at the highest level of decision making.

On behalf of our girls, thank you for your support.


Simone Marean

Executive Director

P.S. Up to $40,000 in camp scholarships will be matched, so your impact will be doubled. Sixty-five girls are waiting to hear back. Will you help?

Summer Camp Fundraising Video
“I love GLI. It has changed my life tremendously. It taught me that I have a voice and it matters.” –– Arabia
Arabia has been a GLI camper for the last four years, and she is waiting for a scholarship to attend this year. Watch our Summer Camp Fundraising Video to meet Arabia and Julia (our Camp Director) and hear what they have to say about this life-changing experience.
Please consider making a donation to help us reach our goal to provide sixty-five Summer Camp scholarships. And help us spread the word by sharing our video on Facebook!

Impact of Summer Camp

GLI’s stats are impressive:

190 campers per summer · 3 weeks of camp · 30% on financial aid · 10% on full scholarship · Over 10 years of programming · Over 700 girls reached

Our girls express GLI’s long-lasting impact best:


“After GLI, I feel more confident and independent that I can become a strong female leader.” –– Olivia

“Found” by Jordan Hsu
Every time I think of GLI and my GLI summers, I always smile really big and feel all gooey inside because I loved every moment at Summer Camp.
Initially, I didn’t really know who I was. I didn’t feel like there was a place for me anywhere. After I went to GLI, everything changed, because I finally started to find my own identity. At GLI, I could be myself: I did not have to worry about peer pressure or how people judged me. I promised myself after camp that I would use the skills I learned at GLI and apply them when I got home. Right before my sophomore year of high school, I realized that I wanted to show my peers that I was a leader by leading them to help other people. So I started the “DoSomething Club” at my school. And it has been a success! Now freshman, sophomores, and juniors all count on me to make this club work. I wanted this type of peer expectation, and I am not going to let them down –– not now, not ever!





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