Keep Calm and Play On

Sophia Barnhart, our Summer 2014 Communications Intern, writes about her passion for soccer and competition. She sheds light on the gendered biases that exist within athletics, and she encourages us all to pursue what makes us happy to overcome these biases.

It’s no secret—I’ve always loved the thrill of competing. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my drive and encouraged me to play sports. I dabbled in many—softball, gymnastics, swimming, and tennis—but I wasn’t able to satisfy my passion for competition until I tried soccer. From learning how to kick a …

Summer: A Season of Empowerment

Sophia explores the body image nightmares that haunt girls during swimsuit season.

“It’s imperative that if a suit doesn’t fit, it is the suit that is flawed—not the body.” –Malia Mills

As summer heats up, swimsuit advertisements are plastered all over the media. While advertisers assure us that models represent the average woman, they are far from average. When I look at the models lounging across the pages of this year’s magazines, I do not see healthy, strong women. Instead, I see unrealistic body images driven by society’s ideal of skinny as beautiful.