The Bold Body Project

Two-time GLI camper Melissa Mark shares her enthusiasm about GLI Summer Camp’s new positive body image endeavor: The Bold Body Project.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words how much of an impact the Girls Leadership Institute has made on me. I love everything about the Summer Camp, from the campers to the counselors to the infamous GLI sport “loveball.” I have attended GLI Summer Camp for two years, and I’m looking forward to my third summer in 2013.

My first year at camp –– the summer prior to entering high school –– was all about learning the skills needed to handle “girl drama.” To this day, I still use these methods. I appreciate them not only because they help prevent and resolve issues but also because they help me express what I need to say.

The Best Failures

15-year-old blogger Melissa Mark explains that failure doesn’t always mean that you didn’t do your best or that you didn’t work hard.

“You’ve got this, Melissa, you’re going to be awesome,” my teammates say as they walk by me. I’m standing behind the starting block getting ready for my race. My goggles as well as my cap are on. I’ve done my ritual dance, listened to my pre-meet music, and completed my mental exercises. I’m all set. …

Leadership on the Offensive Line

15 year-old Melissa Mark, our GLI Blogger and two year GLI Summer Camper, interviewed Kyra DiMarco about Kyra’s experience as a middle-school female football player.

You’ve just sat down to watch a football game at the Woodland School in Portola Valley, California. The players are in a huddle with their coach, reviewing plays before starting. They run out on to the field and the crowd cheers. However, this isn’t your average tackle football team. The team is all boys — …

Meet Society, Media and Ed

Girl Blogger Melissa Mark shares her personal story about how society and media influence the way girls feel about and treat their bodies.

Meet Society. She’s bossy and always wants things her way. She’s the opposite of your BFF voice- she’s your total enemy. She wants to make you feel miserable and uses her sidekick, Media, to convey her opinions to you. Society is a perfectionist, she’s never happy with herself or her crew. She’s the queen of …