It’s Okay to Like Your Picture

Social Media Intern and GLI Camper Emily Sannini blogs about giving yourself permission to be proud of who you are. What “picture” in your life do you like?

In 1st grade, I was standing outside of my classroom after we had just finished up a big art project, and I found myself getting sucked up into a ritual that will sound familiar to a lot of girls. Three female friends and I stood around in a circle holding our projects and criticizing them. “Oh my gosh, my picture is so ugly.” “Oh my gosh, no, Jenny, your picture is so pretty; mine is so ugly!” “Oh my gosh no!! Ali! Your picture is so pretty! Mine is so ugly!” and so on. I stayed silent, because I was satisfied with the picture I had drawn. But there is no way to participate in this ubiquitous girl conversation if you think your work is good. Not that it’s ground-breaking, not that it’s better than everybody else’s, but just that it’s any good at all.