5 Tips to Support Her Power

Every girl deserves to know that she matters, that she has a voice, and she can change her world. Here are five conversations to help her better access her power. 

1. What it is to be powerful.

Girls are praised early and often for being pretty, or for being polite, but what about being powerful? Make sure that your girl understands that power is about influence. When her actions or words impact others, that’s powerful. Download a poster of Girls Leadership’s manifesto

2. She’s already powerful.

Notice what your girl already does to influence others. Observe her with her peers, or her family. What is it about how she communicates that makes others listen?

3. What’s her power style?

There’s no one way to be powerful. Show her examples of leaders who are introverts as well as extroverts; powerful people who wear suits and those who wear running shorts.

4. Power rocks the boat.

Be honest. Using her power may not always make her the most popular. But when she speaks her truth, that price is usually worth it.

5. A million ways to be powerful.

Having power doesn’t always mean having a podium. Sharing feelings, asking for what she needs, deep listening, making space for others, creating art, and knowing when to walk away are just a few ways.


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