After School Program

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After School Program

Join an after school program where you can meet other girls, have fun, get creative, and learn social-emotional tools.

Our virtual After School Program is for girls in grades 5&6 and 7&8 who want to learn how to use their voice for themselves, others, and their communities. Participants meet twice a week and the sessions are taught by experienced Girls Leadership educators. Girls will learn essential social and emotional skills like how to listen to and respect their internal voice, explore and celebrate their identities, build healthy friendships at home and online, and begin the steps to become leaders in their communities for change.



Our community will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. One cohort will meet on Pacific Time and the other will meet on Eastern Time. Please select the time zone that works best for you. 

Tuesday & Thursdays

Session 1: Sept. 14 to Oct. 23 (Six Weeks) 

Session 2: Nov. 2 to Dec. 18 *skipping the week of Nov. 23rd (Six weeks)

During the workshop we teach girls core social-emotional skills to support their personal development with their relationships to themselves, friendships, and communities. 

The last 30 mins of session will be dedicated to an advisory session, MOVE YOUR MIND – a girl favorite during virtual learning – that includes games, creative writing prompts, and community building and creative space to contribute to the Girls Leadership Yearbook.



Crystyn Wright, Educator; Danielle Bero, Adolescent Program Manger; Iris Perkins, Adolescent Program Director; and Jordan Elizabeth, Training Manager.  

After School Educators

“You are an excellent instructor – upbeat and make it fun for all and open (inclusive) of all levels. Thank you!” – Parent 



Our curriculum is focused on the following domains with lessons aligned to developmentally appropriate outcomes.


Mindfulness + Self-Compassion
I can connect with my internal voice.
I can use strategies to self-regulate.
I can practice self-care techniques that support my mental health and wellness.

Identity + Self-Awareness
I can explore the components that make up my identity.
I can explain how my environment and community impact my identity, including my beliefs, values, and biases.
I can explore how identity relates to confidence and practice self-efficacy in challenging scenarios.

Community + Relationship Skills
I can identify how I’m feeling and make decisions about when/how to share my feelings with others.
I can practice communicating my needs and taking others’ perspectives.
I can recognize different conflict styles and navigate conflict in my community.

Diversity + Social-Awareness 
I can explore how my experiences are similar to or different from others’.
I can evaluate how my identity impacts my experiences with power, privilege, and oppression.
I can explore how allyship and solidarity help build community across identities.

Advocacy + Action 
I can identify key people and events that influence what issues matter most to me.
I can name, evaluate, and defend my core values.
I can evaluate problems and use my core values to develop a plan of action.



$450 for six weeks ($75 per week)

Maximum of 30 participants.

We reserve spots for families who need scholarships. Please fill out an application and register.

Sign-up for Grades 5 & 6

Sign-up for Grades 7 & 8

Cancellation Policy: No refunds or credits are available within 30 days of the start of the program.

***Please note that online registration closes approximately 24 hours before the start of the workshop. If you wish to register for a workshop within 24 hours of the start time, please call 866-744-9102 ext. 0 between the hours of 8am–4pm PST, M-F.***