After School Program

After School Program

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After School Program

Supporting our girls’ social and emotional learning is more important now than ever before. 

Our virtual After School Program is a daily practice for girls in grades 4- 6 who want to learn how to use their voice to speak up for themselves and others. Taught by experienced Girls Leadership educators, girls will learn essential social and emotional skills like how to listen to and respect their internal voice, explore and celebrate their identities, and build healthy friendships at home and online.   



Monday to Friday: May 18th to May 22nd SOLD OUT

Tuesday to Friday: May 26th to May 29th
(Pacific Time) Open Enrollment  
(Eastern Time) SOLD OUT

Monday to Friday: June 1st to June 5th  
(Pacific Time) Open Enrollment  
(Eastern Time) Open Enrollment  

Each day we’ll meet as a group on Zoom for 90 minutes. 
3:30-4:30p.m. Pacific & Eastern Time Girls will have their own space to play, learn, connect, and grow together. 

4:30-5:00p.m. Pacific & Eastern Time We’ll close each day with a fun activity that is family-friendly, for siblings and caregivers of any age to join the girls.  

Girls Leadership Day Camp



A program is only as good as its people. That is why Iris Perkins, our Summer Program Director, Zoom-ba teacher, and Girls Advisory Board leader is joining six-year Girls Leadership veteran educator, Danielle Bero, to run these ninety minute sessions. 

“You are an excellent instructor – upbeat and make it fun for all and open (inclusive) of all levels. Thank you!” – Parent 

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Using a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens, our curriculum is focused on the following three domains with lessons aligned to developmentally appropriate outcomes at three levels, Introductory, Developing, and Advanced:

Domains Day Camp

1. Mindfulness + Self-Compassion

Introductory: I can connect with my internal voice.
Developing: I can use strategies to self-regulate.
Advanced: I can practice self-care techniques that support my mental health and wellness.

2. Identity + Self-Awareness

Introductory: I can explore the components that make up my identity.
Developing: I can explain how my environment and community impact my identity, including my beliefs, values, and biases.
Advanced: I can explore how identity relates to confidence and practice self-efficacy in challenging scenarios.

3. Community + Relationship Skills

Introductory: I can identify how I’m feeling and make decisions about when/how to share my feelings with others.
Developing: I can practice communicating my needs and taking others’ perspectives.
Advanced: I can recognize different conflict styles and navigate conflict in my community.




$125 per week for May 18-22 and June 1-5

$100 for May 26-29

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Scholarships are available thanks to our generous donors.