Girls Leadership is honored to have been profiled and featured by a variety of press in recent years. Read on to learn more about who we are, how we work, and the transformative impact of our programming.
HuffPo raise a scientist list.

The Huffington Post

Want to Raise a Rocket Scientist? 20 Holiday Gifts to Give Girls a Head Start. Featuring Girls Leadership Parent & Daughter Book Club.



How DonorsChoose, She’s The First And Girls Leadership Built Their Brands. “Over the years we’ve learned to trust our audience,” says Simone Marean. “Now we do our best to give away content every day.”


Washinton Post On Parenting

The art of saying no: How to raise kids to be polite, not pushovers. Common courtesy shouldn’t outweigh common sense. Help your kids learn how to say no. Interview with Cofounder Simone Marean.

Katie Podcast_thumbnail_1400

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast

Katie Ward interviewed our co-founder Simone Marean on why it’s time to retire the term “mean girls,” and why the princess phase doesn’t mean the end of feminism as we know it.

Mixed race girls laying upside-down on sofa

Parents Magazine

Is Your Kid Ready for a Best Friend? Whether your child has a BFF, wants one, or isn’t yet clued in to the concept, these tips will help you teach her what true friendship entails.

credit New Canaan Advertiser

New Canaan Advertiser

About 100 parents gathered at the New Canaan Library on March 8 to hear Simone Marean talk about Raising Resilient Girls in the Digital Age, hosted by LiveGirl


Adventure Nannies

One of our Adventure Nannies, Aryn, works as an educator with Girl’s Leadership, so we sat down with her to learn more about this life-changing organization.

Simone on KQED Forum Mar 4 2016

KQED’s Forum

Encouraging Girls to Face Fear, Take Risks and Seek Adventure. Host Mina Kim interviewed Simone Marean and “The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure” author Caroline Paul.

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The Cavalier

Parents help girls change the world. Girls Leadership encourages interaction between girls and parents to help girls cope with the challenges they may face, as well as increase social and emotional intelligence.

Simone at Pascack Valley

The Record

More than 300 parents came to Pascack Valley High School in Hillsdale, NJ to hear how they can be better role models in influencing the emotional and intellectual lives of their daughters.

Simone at PEF PUSD

San Jose Mercury News

There are some unsettling trends in girl dynamics today, Simone Marean told hundreds of parents and students attending Tuesday night’s Piedmont Education Speaker Series called “Raising Resilient Girls.”

How to Keep Girls Raising Their Voices


7 Skills to Teach Your Daughter by Age 13. Rachel Simmons on how parents can help girls through the pressure of tween life.


Glamour Magazine

How Embracing Failure Can Be a Stepping Stone to Success. Teach young women there is value in failure—even more so than in success—if you fail chasing a dream, taking a risk, or trying something new.

Simone Marean small

Fortune Magazine

Why This Nonprofit Wants to Help Girls Fail. Want more female leaders? Lose the pressure for perfection. Fortune’s article of Simone Marean’s interview with Lauren Schiller.


NYT Motherlode

Why Your Kids Love Snapchat, and Why You Should Let Them, by Rachel Simmons

Lauren Schiller

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller

We all want our sons and daughters to grow up strong and independent, but how do we ensure that ‘having it all’ doesn’t mean ‘doing it all’? Lauren Schiller interviewed Simone Marean.


Good Morning America

Sesame Street’s 1st Muppet With Autism Aims to End Stigma, Promote Understanding. Rachel Simmons says Julia, the newest Muppet, can teach all kids empathy.

Rachel Simmons on GMA girls and failure

Good Morning America

Rachel Simmons on Good Morning America talking about why girls tend to take failure harder than boys, and what parents can do to help them manage failure.

girl with blue jacket

Parents Magazine

The Secret to Raising a Happy, Confident Girl. While girls’ levels of academic achievement have risen, their rates of stress, anxiety, and depression have risen as well.

Target tbo

The Tampa Tribune

Target aisles losing gender designations, and Simone Marean weighed in.

GL Instagram pic on Bustle

7 Summer Camps Empowering Girls That You Should Support (Or Attend)



Pixar’s Inside Out offers the chance for parents and their children to have meaningful and impactful conversations surrounding emotional health.

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One Thing New

Why you should embarrass your kids, and how conflict as an opportunity for change is a radical concept for girls.

Ronnie's Awesome List logo

Ronnie’s Awesome List

Ronnie and Simone talked about the pressures on middle school girls, what’s available for boys’ social emotional learning, and our goals to reach 25 million girls.

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KQED: Girls and the Ambition Gap

Hear Co-Founder and Executive Director Simone Marean talk about girls and the ambition gap, with best-selling author Peggy Orenstien and About Face’s Jennifer Berger.

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TEDx Women

Watch Co-Founder Rachel Simmons give a Tedx Talk about girls leadership.