Sonya Moore- Wells


Sonya has a fierce passion for working with young people to equip them with the social and emotional life skills needed to navigate their world with resilience, compassion and courage.   

In her professional life, she’s spent 25 years of energy educating, coaching, mentoring and facilitating around Emotional Intelligence & leadership skills both in business, as well as schools for children.  She has a particular drive in partnering with women and girls to encourage well-being and leadership.

She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and studied abroad in Mexico while completing her B.A. in English at the University of California, Irvine.  She is certified in the usage and interpretation of various assessment tools including HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument), Emotional Intelligence (EQ Facilitator), StrengthsFinder, and 360° Feedback tools to provide self-awareness for clients and students.  

In her personal life, she mothers a pre-teen, a rescue dog and a guinea pig.  She has enjoyed living in various locations including Hawaii, Washington, Mexico & The Netherlands and seeks learning from cultures and people different from her own.  You can find her most often reading, hiking, roaming, scuba diving and any activity that gets her outdoors — especially when it’s with her husband and daughter.