Sarah Lee


Sarah Lee is a Life Coach and Women’s Outdoor Guide based in Oakland, California. A graduate of Pitzer College with a double major in Economics and Studio Art, Sarah is a world traveler with over ten years experience in education. She has worked with Tanzanian villagers to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission, tutored Italian high school students in English, earned a Fulbright scholarship and later State Department internship to teach in Thailand, and led ten teenagers on a three-month tour of Peru and Ecuador as part of a Carpe Diem study abroad program.

Now working on her Co-Active Coaching Institute certification, Sarah is happiest when helping others to learn, grow, and be their true selves. And, when she’s in nature. When she’s not coaching (or putting her art degree to good use drawing feminist comics), you’ll find her leading all-women, all-ages backpacking trips through Yosemite or Death Valley, or hiking through the Sierras with her partner, trying to find that one perfect rock climb.