Rachel Hadley


A Colorado native, Rachel Hadley, grew up in the heart of Denver. With a psychologist as a father, her journey of personal growth, discovery and development began at a very early age. She thrived in formal and causal leadership roles throughout her childhood but always had a gift for connecting with people and “leading the crowd”. After graduating from CU Boulder, Rachel began her career in marketing as a traffic coordinator at a graphic design shop in Boulder, where she quickly learned the ropes. She catapulted to account executive and creative project manager in a couple other Front Range firms, but quickly decided working for behemoth high-tech and financial organizations was for the birds. After a solo journey around the world, she is back at it, but working with small, entrepreneurial organizations that are attempting to make a difference in some way, shape or form. Her passion for helping the “small fish” fulfill their professional dreams fuels her fire for creative thinking, group facilitation and relationship building. After moving to Aspen, Colorado and completing the Roaring Fork Leadership Program, she found Girls Leadership. Her lifelong pursuit and dedication to personal evolution alas became part of her professional life. She delights in working with the girls as they learn foundational life skills through Girls Leadership.

In her free time Rachel can be found telemark skiing, mountain bike racing, surfing across the globe, cooking, doing yoga and spending time with her husband and friends.