Miranda Olzman

Teaching Counselor

Olzy is celebrating their third year working with Girls Leadership. Olzy comes to Girls Leadership with a wealth of teaching and performance experience. While earning their BA in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University they founded and ran the Parliamentary Debate team at Santa Rosa High School. For seven years they worked with high school students on presentation and argumentation skills. During this time they realized that being a teacher consisted of much more than what went on in the classroom—it was about relationships, building trust, and teaching life skills.

Olzy received their MA in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Performance Studies from San Francisco State University. During this time they also created the beginnings of a career as a performance artist. Olzy has been teaching Communication, Rhetoric and Performance Studies courses at the University level for the past seven years. As an activist/teacher/performance artist, Miranda is invested in using an intersectional lens to work towards a more just world. Olzy believes that two of their main jobs as an educator are to validate the experiences youth have and give them vocabulary to describe their experiences in more complex ways. Olzy’s performance art centers the body and our relationship as a culture to fatness, health, disability, and other aesthetics of the body.

As you see in their bio picture, they are rarely seen without their service dog whose formal name is Ziggy Pigwidgeon Stardust but usually just goes by Ziggy. As for teaching, Olzy is particularly invested in educating a younger generation about how our bodies are to be loved regardless of whatever the current cultural narrative of perfection is. Olzy believes that performance in all of its various forms provides a way to bring people together and understand how their narratives connect to each other as well as larger themes within social justice work.

Olzy is excited to learn what campers are passionate about and to teach them how to express their voices through performance art, activism, and body positivity this year!