Mimi Gurbst

Mimi Gurbst worked at ABC News for the 30 years. For most of that time she was the Vice President of News, where she supervised the daily coverage of news all over the world and managed all of the personnel in the ABC News bureaus worldwide. She also served as the Senior Producer for World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson and with Diane Sawyer.

In 2010 Mimi left ABC News to pursue a lifelong interest in a education. She attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she received her Masters Degree. While at Harvard, Mimi worked for the supervisor of student support programs at large Boston high school and for the Assistant Principal for Data Analysis at a “turnaround’ elementary school. In addition, Mimi served as a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Ed School. She is currently working as a consultant and a coach for school superintendents and principals, helping them improve their communication skills and strategies.

Mimi received her BA degree from Brandeis University. Mimi is wife of Tom Hartfield and the mother of two children, Elizabeth age 27, and Harry age 23.