Margaret Gonzales


Margaret’s role as Coordinator of Student Life and Math Coordinator at the Montclair Kimberley Academy’s Primary School keeps her immersed in the excitement and joy of early childhood. Margaret embraces her role as a leader for the social/emotional development of young children. Versed in the most current and successful approaches to classroom management, collaborative problem solving and anti-bullying, Margaret revels in forging productive partnerships with teachers and parents as they nurture the development of emotional intelligence in their children. Margaret received an M.F.A. in Acting form the University of Michigan. She celebrates her love of theater and maintains her playful nature through guest appearances in classrooms leading students through theater games and supporting teachers in the play process. Margaret also received an M.A. in Gifted Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is dedicated to fostering the love of mathematics in girls and building their confidence. Margaret brings an abundance of enthusiasm, experience, humor and compassion to her work at the Girls Leadership.