Katie MacLean


Katie MacLean has always been two things – a passionate devotee to education and an adventurer. She earned her degree in International Women’s Studies with a focus on Russian at Ohio University. After running an online bookstore, she threw a dart at a map and landed in Denver to become a teacher and got her Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Colorado at Denver. She has taught Language Arts, Drama, Social Studies and Technology to students in middle school through college. Katie was a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching at a university in NW China. She and her students started a Women’s Salon, focused on the social, emotional and intellectual empowerment of young college-aged women. On top of being an educator with Girls Leadership, Katie is loving being a middle school social studies teacher in Commerce City, CO. She lives in Boulder with her awesome family, who are always up for adventures. One of Katie’s on-going adventures is to do as many cartwheels in as many places as she can. So far the tally is over 300 in 25 states, 11 countries and 3 continents. She is incredibly stoked to pursue her love of learning with Girls Leadership.