Jordan Elizabeth

New York Training Manager

Jordan is an educator in the field of interpersonal violence and trauma with more than 10 years of educational programming management experience. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with honors from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA with a BA in Media Arts & Culture.

Jordan worked at Catharsis Productions, where she led an arts-integrated training program on sexual assault prevention. The program is required for U.S. Army personnel and at hundreds of universities across the country, including Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Berklee College of Music, and others. She worked with military and university leadership to deliver more than 130 training sessions in more than 30 states, with an average audience size of 300 students. Many of the sexual assault prevention trainings she facilitated on behalf of The Army were delivered as part of the senior-level Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) and, in 2015, Jordan was awarded a medal of recognition for her excellence in Leader’s Training. Jordan utilized improv comedy to provoke thoughtful discussions on gender; affirming her belief in theater as a powerful tool for educational outreach.

Many years ago, Jordan wrote, “My purpose in life is to be a champion for self-expression in women and girls.” She is thrilled and grateful to have a role at Girls Leadership that allows her to be of service to the community and helps her move toward realizing her purpose. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys acting, tent camping and Contra dancing. Her favorite activity is visiting her mom and Scottish Terrier mix, Izzy, in Los Angeles, CA.