Jessica Bryant

Client Services & Outreach Associate

Born & raised in South Central Los Angeles. Jessica raised in the inner city with her mother. She grew up with limited beliefs about girl empowerment & found struggles to use her voice. Jessica was raised in a single-mother household and watch her mother work hard to have a roof over our heads and food at the table. Jessica grew up equip with survival mentality that soon help her get to the place she is today. After high school, Jessica moved out Los Angeles to the Bay area. She attended Cal State East Bay. In 2017 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. The Fall of 2017, Jessica traveled to London for a Study Abroad Internship where was able to learn about international cultures and experience a different narrative from her own.


Jessica now has transition into working for the greater good of uplifting young girls. She understands the power of her voice must start from a young age & be equipped early on for girls to execute their paths. In Jessica’s spare time she also works with other nonprofits to develop their media online presence. Jessica loves to give back and support important causes for the future generation. She does it everyday when she walks through the doors of Girls Leadership.