Jenna Anast


Jenna is a Chicago native and is thrilled that her journey has lead her to be part of such an incredible team at Girls Leadership!  Jenna recently moved to San Jose after starting a small non-profit with her friends called Broken Compass.  Her company provides space for her and her community to create music and books and share with the world!  She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated with a degree in performing arts.  After graduation she worked extensively with multiple theater companies in Chicago and performed both plays and musicals that focused on social awareness.  After discovering her love for bringing the community together and having open dialogue in theater, she decided to bring that passion to the classroom. Jenna then worked as an educator and mentor for a company called Step Up, focusing on empowering teen girls to reach their fullest potential.  Jenna is so excited to be living in California.  Currently she is signed on to NYLO casting agency and works as a full time actor.  She also performs Improv at the Improv in San Jose.  She so happy to be able to read a book, go for a swim, and get on her bike in the middle of Fall! It’s a dream come true!