Iya Brown


Iya Brown has been a professional educator for the past ten years, mentoring and coordinating educational programs in the heart of Newark, New Jersey; along with giving back to her community as the Director of Communications and Student Activities in Elizabeth, NJ. Iya is known for her genuine heart and her charismatic vision for students to succeed beyond their dreams. In her line of work she has developed adolescence skills and enhanced student learning abilities through non-traditional supplemental educational service programs through the 21st Century Program.

In 2008 Iya graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Sociology. In 2016 Iya graduated with Honors from Montclair State University with her Master’s in Educational Leadership. Throughout those eight years she attended numerous educational seminars and trainings to stay current within her field. Iya was nominated and chosen as a participant in the Rutgers Non-Profit Executive and Emerging Leadership Certificate Program and was even selected as a presenter at the NJSACC National Conference two years in a row. In 2010 Iya became a National After-School Ambassador for “NJSACC” New Jersey’s After-School Community.

Aside from education Iya is a dedicated mother and wife who enjoys spending time with the people that matter the most. Iya also enjoys writing poetry, screenplays, acting for films and performing in the theatre. On a daily basis she is an advocate for living a healthier life as a wellness coach. As a leader, Iya strives to expose youth to their talent through mentorship. In her line of work, she takes pride in “keeping kids safe” by developing relationships with parents, community partners and organizations to ultimately improve youth achievement; by fostering a sense of a shared mission and vision to reach a common goal.

Originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina…Iya is a country girl by nature. Raised in Irvington, NJ…Iya also can relate to socioeconomic challenges. Her ultimate goal is to instill that your past does not determine your future. To understand that what is meant for you shall be for you. For only you and you alone stand in the way of your destiny. You can always catch Iya spending time with her family or being a cheerleader for ladies of Girls Leadership, she is ecstatic to be on board!