Dorothy Ponton

Director of Marketing and Engagement

Dorothy has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987. She obtained her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer West in San Jose and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Santa Clara University. She first got excited about girls and women in leadership when she attended Presentation High School, a college preparatory school for girls. An ongoing passion has been learning and sharing the ways girls and women can be empowered by disentangling self-worth from physical appearance. For 14 years Dorothy belonged to Women In Chiropractic; receiving, then giving mentoring and training in professional advancement. Whether in a large, multidisciplinary clinic or a small, concierge practice, she focused on evidence-based chiropractic care and nutrition, supported by customized at-home training plans. She discovered that the long term success of a treatment was nearly always tied to a patient’s engagement. After a rewarding career in private practice, Dorothy has enjoyed building web-based healthcare communities and online learning programs. She volunteers with the Online Community Meetup in San Francisco and Women2.0 in Oakland. In her spare time she enjoys walking around Lake Merritt, mostly succeeds at experimental fusion cuisine, and visits museums as often as possible.