Christine Bodwitch


Christine has been choreographing, teaching, and performing modern dance, physical theater, and yoga for over 15 years in New Jersey and New York City. Her love of learning in and through the body lead her to a 5-year collaboration with Liberty Science Center, a hands-on Science museum in Jersey City, NJ. At the museum and in schools, she created and performed dance works that combined dynamic movement, science, and sculpture. She has performed her own works in various New York City venues as well as in Germany, Czech Republic, and Canada. Also, her passion for being ridiculous and obnoxious on a stage in front of others brought her to study and perform with Clowns ExMachina, an all-women clown troupe from New York City. She holds a BFA degree in Dance and is a certified Soma yoga instructor and is currently teaching dance, clown, and yoga while unschooling with her 7-year old daughter.