Christina Shonkwiler


Christina joins Girls Leadership with a passion for theater and dedication to girls empowerment. After graduating from Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theatre, she began performing and touring puppet shows for children to learn about navigating relationships through mythology and artistic expression. Since then she has directed plays in after school programs and adult improv groups, including the co-creation of “Play Like A Girl”, a workshop with a focus on women and status. Christina earned an MA in Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Drama Therapy, from California Institute of Integral Studies. She used drama therapy to develop original plays with developmentally disabled young adults based on their stories, as well as weekly workshops with clients in partial hospitalization and at-risk youth. Christina has been working to promote learning through participatory experience and self-expression through non-profits that range from musical theater to science at the Exploratorium. She is a voracious practitioner of theater and a city girl who loves to get lost in nature. Christina is honored to work with GL girls to find their authentic voice and recognize their potential impact on the world.