Aryn Fleegler


Aryn has wanted to be a teacher ever since her days as a student at an all girls’ school. On the path to becoming an educator, she received her BA in Sociology from Colgate University where she also received her elementary teaching certification. After completing her undergraduate degree, Aryn packed up her bags and moved to a rural village in Limpopo, South Africa where she was in the Peace Corps. As a school and community resource volunteer, she wore many hats, including demo teaching, running a basketball camp, painting a world map on the side of a high school building, and talking to young girls and women about monogamy and HIV. Her love of South Africa grew so strong that Aryn decided to stay in country for another two years, working as a fifth grade teacher in an international school in Pretoria. Aryn often says that it’s hard to pick just one thing that she loved about her time abroad, but there is something about her journey to Africa that has remained in her heart and soul. Upon returning to the United States, Aryn attended the University of Pennsylvania where she got her MSEd in Education, Culture, and Society. She then decided to move to Boulder and establish some roots. Aryn absolutely loves the natural beauty of Colorado and spends as much time outdoors hiking, biking, or walking with friends! Fortunately, the travel bug keeps biting and Aryn is lucky to lead summer community service and adventure trips for high school students to destinations such as New Zealand, Fiji, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia. Aryn had been teaching as a fifth grade teacher, but is currently taking a year off from teaching to do college admissions consulting, work at the local community college, and to spend all the time she can in the great Colorado outdoors. As a teacher, she enjoyed helping her students have fun with math, social studies, and language arts (and having the random dance party every so often!). Two highlights of her school are that she runs a girls’ lunch for fifth and sixth graders and co-sponsors a geography team. Aryn feels so fortunate for the opportunity to be a Girls Leadership educator to help girls and young women navigate the challenging world of friendships and communication.