Simone Marean

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Simone has taught Girls Leadership programs and presented on girls …


Iris Perkins

California Outreach Manager

Iris Perkins is dedicated to empowering girls and women through community activism …

Marla Cole

Development Manager

Marla joins Girls Leadership with a passion for women’s empowerment …

Molly Mills

Colorado Outreach Manager

Molly joins Girls Leadership with a colorful background in advertising, marketing, nursing, …

Patty Dow

New Jersey Outreach Manager

As someone who is passionate about giving people the tools …

Sandra Flores

Accounting and HR Administrator

Sandra spent her undergraduate career at UC Berkeley studying Comparative …

Board of Directors

Board of Directors - New York



New Jersey

New York

Summer Staff

Izzy Levi

Residential Counselor

Izzy joins the Girls Leadership staff after attending the overnight …