We equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

There's a voice inside of you.

The one that’s down deep.

The one that knows what’s real and how you really feel.

When you listen to that voice,

and let it out,

When you speak truth to power (whatever power you’re dealing with),

Those words aren’t just heard, they’re felt.

They vibrate. They resonate.

People instantly feel how much courage those words took

And how much more they mean

And they see in that moment what power is

And that the world didn’t crumble around the person who spoke them.

It starts as a whisper, that voice.

But the more you listen to it and use it

The stronger it gets.

And every time you open up, it shows others that they can too.

That’s leadership.

That’s influence.

That’s all kinds of powerful.

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