We equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

We Speak Up

Speaking up takes courage, but it’s a skill we can learn. Even if the result isn’t what you hoped for, be proud that you spoke your truth. Remember, you’re the only one who knows what you need. Your words can change the world.

We Take Action

Everyday actions add up to a life of leadership. Whether raising your hand in class, choosing a new seat at lunch, or trying out for the team, small actions will lead to big change.

We Value Differences

Often it is easiest to connect with other people like us, but being able to build relationships across differences and learn from different perspectives is powerful. All of us are smarter than any of us.

We Are Connected

We don’t need a ton of friends, just a couple of true ones. You get to choose who to be vulnerable with and what you want to have in a friend. Don’t settle; connections matter.

We Know Ourselves

Everything you need to thrive is already inside of us. You know that little quiet voice inside your head? That voice is brilliant; listen to it. Trust yourself to know what you truly want.

We Embrace Mistakes

Whether it’s the pressure to be perfect or the fear of embarrassment, too many of us become ashamed of our mistakes. When you deny your mistakes and don’t use them as a learning moment, you miss your opportunity to grow and change.

We Trust Our Heart

Emotions are the raw material of our dreams, our goals, and our relationships. There’s no such thing as a wrong or bad feeling! When you respect your feelings, you respect yourself.

How We Work

There are three elements that make up the power of Girls Leadership: Live Programs, Online Content and Research.

In-Person Programs

Our transformational programs teach girls in K -12, their parents/mentors, and educators around the country.

Online Content

Every week we share smart, savvy content for girls’ parents and mentors. Stop by to check out our newest video, and join our mailing list to make sure you never miss a release.


What makes a girl a confident leader? What might hold her back? We’re filling the gaps in knowledge about girls’ leadership.

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There are 25 million girls in K-12 in the US. We believe every single one of them deserves a life of leadership. Invest in leadership for all.

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